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MEP Tamás Deutsch leads the list of governing parties for the European elections on June 9th.

The leading candidate told the official news agency MTI on Thursday morning that Hungary will have to defend its sovereignty in the future against a European Parliament (EP) that is preparing more aggressive attacks than ever before. Fidesz-KDNP want to compete against this EP superiority with the strongest possible team.

Representatives of the Hungarian minorities

In order to be as broadly positioned as possible, the conservative forces in Hungary are sending two members of the Hungarian minorities into the race: Annamária Vicsek from Serbian Vojvodina and Viktória Ferenc from Ukrainian Transcarpathia. They join Andrea Bocskor from Beregszász (Ukraine) and Andor Deli from Óbecse (Serbia), who have been members of the EP for Fidesz since 2014. Also new on the electoral list are the President of the Chamber of Agriculture (NAK), Balázs Győrffy, and the three-time Paralympics winner in foil fencing, Pál Szekeres. The list presented by Deutsch will be officially confirmed by the Fidesz-KDNP election committees in mid-April.

The largest faction?

The MEP Tamás Deutsch started the European election campaign with the bold thesis that in June “the European right, the forces advocating sovereignty, would have the unique opportunity to possibly even form the largest parliamentary group in the EP”. To do this, today’s ECR – which is apparently closest to Fidesz – and the ID would have to join forces and further increase their voter base. According to the current EU surveys from March, the EPP was again around 20 seats ahead of the right with 184 expected mandates.

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