Open the wonderful life of “Otter Boon Rawd”, a beast of merit Follow the monks for alms every morning

The incredible life of “Otter Boon Rawd”, the wild beast of merit Pupils of the Ancient Tha Sala Temple Follow the monks to receive alms from many villages every morning. Be a best friend to all the dogs in the sub-district.

medianewsreported that in the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat It was reported that otters were found wild animals that often live near the fields along the canal that are still intact. But this otter lives in Wat Tha Lad. which is an ancient abandoned temple that has just been restored a few years ago Located at Ban Chad, Village No. 7, Tha Khuean Sub-district, Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.

But that is extraordinary and seems to be turning into a wonderful life. because this otter became a disciple of the temple Always follow the monks in the temple to receive alms every morning. Sit and listen to the prayers, do the chanting every day. Until it is surprisingly loved by Buddhists and villagers.

At approximately 4:30 a.m. today (20 Jan.), the medianewshas followed the behavior of this otter since before dawn When traveling into the temple found This otter named “Otter Boonrod” was having fun playing with the dog in the temple courtyard. Upon arriving, a familiar greeting came in. No fear of strangers

Until 5:30 a.m., it was time for the monks to go out for alms-giving when Phra Muan Kuta Chitto or Ta Luang Muan, wearing his robes, carried his alms-bowl and went out to perform the monk’s alms-alms alms round. It appears that the otter Boonrawd followed immediately.

Even though the path was dark, Boonrod otter followed Ta Luang Muan cutely. and when passing through houses with dogs Each dog comes out to play. and familiarly greeted the otter Boonrawd Not a single otter gave a threatening, unfriendly bark to Boonrawd.

When Ta Luang Moan went to the house of the attendant who was waiting to give alms to monks Otter Boonrawd will make a sound similar to calling people who prepare food for alms giving to know that The monks had arrived before coming out to offer food to monks. and when Ta Luang prayed for blessing Otter Boonrod lies down and waits for Ta Luang Moan to finish his blessing and walks on to the next house. And the behavior is like this in every house where Ta Luang Mass receives alms.

As for those who come to wait for the alms-giving, when the alms-giving is over, they will greet Boonrawd otter like you used to. Just like the dogs of each house will come to greet and invite each other to play. Before the otter Boonrod had to follow Ta Luang Muan to the next house, it was like this until he returned to the temple.

Yom, who is waiting to offer food to the monks, stated that everyone in the sub-district knows Boon Rawd in every village. Be loved by every home, never be mean or fierce to anyone. Some Ban Nak Boon Rawd will go into the house to the dining table and sit and raise their hands to pay respect. That is, raise both front feet as if joining hands together begging for food. When he receives food, he will run away.

Likewise, a grilled pork shop in the village stated that if the otter Boonrod was hungry, he would break away from following the monks for a moment. To sit and raise your hand to ask for grilled pork After having eaten, he will continue to run after the monks until returning to the temple.

While the reporters who had followed Ta Luang Moan to receive alms since leaving the temple observed the behavior of the otter Boonrod. It was found that since leaving the temple before leaving, he stopped by to play in the water once, after that he continued to follow the monks. will stop by to receive alms from the house with the monks

or if any house has a dog but does not offer alms But in the dog house The Boonrod otter stopped to greet and play with the dogs for a while before running after the monks without taking commands. and if there is a car traveling around, will smartly avoid the car on the side of the road

And before returning to the temple, he would stop for a swim in the irrigation canal. Ta Luang Moan will walk along San Khlong Chonprathan Road. Boonrod otter will swim in the irrigation canal.

Until the last house, there will be people waiting to give alms to monks. Nak Boonrawd will go up to the house where the owner of the house is already waiting before going straight into the kitchen. Standing in front of the refrigerator for the owner of the house to open the refrigerator to ask for food intelligently, this is the last house before returning to the temple. Throughout the alms-round walk of almost 5 kilometers, the behavior of the Boonrod otter was different from the nature of the otter, which is a wild animal that has never been seen anywhere else.

Provost Samu Phudis Suthammo Acting Abbot of Thalat Temple Revealed that Boonrod otter’s behavior is not like other otters who are afraid of people, dogs, and noise, but Boonrod otter is not afraid of everything, friendly to people. He is the leader of the chicken gang in the temple and is a friend to all the dogs in the sub-district.

People in the villages know each other well. When the monks went out for alms every day, some of them, some of them, some of them, the monks disappeared and did not go for alms. Khun Yom didn’t ask for a monk. but miss otter Boonrod Ask for Boonrod otter instead.

“As for the reason why the Boonrawd otter behaved like this Understand that in Dharma it must be a matter of old karma. and he used to have the mental state to stay with the temple and the monks His mind is therefore tied to the temple here, so his behavior is like this.”

While Phra Muan Kutacitto said that he helped Otter Boonrod while going for alms round. Otter Boonrod’s mother was being carried and was chased by a dog. He left Boonrod and was caught by a dog. At that time, he had not yet opened his eyes. Then put it in a satchel and bring it to the temple. raised without imprisonment or anything Predicted that one day he would go because he was a wild animal.

But it turns out that it’s been over a year since he hasn’t gone anywhere. Never trained anything for him, but his behavior instead followed all the monks to the alms round. depending on his mood Some days I go with that picture, sometimes it’s this picture. The first time I was shocked to see it in the middle of the road. afraid that the dog will chase and bite but not He is friendly with all the village dogs.

“Personally, I still think that it might be my own karma. Once, as a layman, he killed an otter. That otter may come back to me today. must take care of each other As for the food he eats, he buys fish balls once a week to eat,” Pramual said.

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