Overcoming Cystic Acne: A TikTok Influencer’s Inspiring Journey and Effective Treatment Options

2023-12-15 23:10:54

Suffering from severe acne called ‘cystic acne’ since I was a teenager…

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A woman who was severely bullied because of her acne became a TikTok influencer with 1 million subscribers. [사진=데일리메일 캡처/틱톡 ‘courtneyjones5252’]A woman who was severely bullied because of her acne became an influencer with 1 million subscribers.

According to the British daily newspaper Daily Mail, Courtney Jones (21) from Sheffield, England, suffered from acne since she was a teenager. He developed cystic acne at the age of 15 and was so depressed that he was reluctant to leave the house. His skin condition worsened to the point where acne covered his face, except around his eyes. His face was so red that even the viewer could feel the pain. Although he tried several products to get rid of his acne, Kourtney’s skin did not improve.

Even though he went through painful times, he did not become discouraged. He started sharing his skin care routine online. Kourtney revealed without hesitation how she uses ointments and packs to treat acne.

Kourtney, who recorded the changes in her skin over the course of about a year, received encouragement from many people. Currently, he has become an influencer with about 1 million subscribers on TikTok, and his skin condition has improved significantly after discovering an acne medication that works well for him.

Fans responded by saying things like, “Acne destroys confidence and self-esteem, so I’m glad Kourtney is getting better” and “It’s really healthy to see Kourtney gaining confidence (as her skin gets better).”

Cystic acne that grows like a lump deep inside the skin… It is common on the face, jawline, and neck.

The cystic acne that Courtney suffers from is ‘severe acne’ that appears like bumps from deep within the skin. Cystic acne occurs not only on the face, but also on the jawline and neck. Unlike mild acne, which disappears naturally, it can be painful and requires special treatment.

Excessive sebum secretion or excessive testosterone secretion can cause cystic acne. Symptoms may become worse in summer, when sebum secretion is heavy. Acne occurs when the sebum in the skin is not discharged to the outside in a timely manner and bacteria that cause inflammation grow in the area.

Neglect or incorrect management can cause scars… Avoid overuse of acne medications

If cystic acne is not treated in time, there is a high risk of scarring. Squeezing acne in the wrong way can damage the dermal layer of the skin and lead to scarring. It is safe to find the exact cause of cystic acne and treat it with medication or procedures.

You should not abuse acne medications blindly relying on information that has good reviews online. The ingredient ‘isotretinoin’, widely known as the secret treatment for acne, has significant side effects. It can dry the skin, eyes and mouth, and cause adverse reactions such as cheilitis. Isotretinoin can cause fetal abnormalities and should not be used by pregnant women. It also has side effects that inhibit bone growth in adolescents, so it is best for adolescents aged 12 to 17 to stay away from isotretinoin.

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