Owner Desperately Seeks Help to Find Stolen Dogs: Angel and Diva

2023-07-13 18:15:00

Angel and Diva were torn from their owner, Debby Lodewyckx, when her home in Saint-Gilles-Waes was burgled last Tuesday. She then received a ransom demand from the burglars, who demanded 2,500 euros to free the dogs, reports HLN.

If she usually takes them everywhere with her, Debby had to leave her dogs at home that day. When she returned, she found her house ransacked and her dogs had disappeared. She was at the police station when she received the call from the burglars and, when they understood, they broke off all contact.

Footage from surveillance cameras showing the thieves and the dogs has been released but their trace has still not been found. “Everything is replaceable, but not Angel and Diva. I haven’t slept a wink since they disappeared and hope they reappear somewhere as soon as possible.”

Anyone who has noticed the suspects or the dogs is asked to contact the police in the Waasland-Noord region.

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