Ángel Martín, fascist, and Belén Esteban, communist | Television

Last Wednesday, Ángel Martín parked his peculiar daily news program on social networks to upload a complaint, in video form, towards Spanish politicians, who, according to him, have been asking citizens for efforts for two years without giving them anything in return. Thanks to that piece, we now know that Ángel Martín was behind the … Read more

A Heartwarming Mother-in-Law Story: Unbelievable Acts of Kindness

2023-10-08 12:10:26 A woman meets a wonderful mother-in-law-to-be. (Image/Pexels) A female netizen shared that her younger sister, who lives in mainland China, is being cared for by her prospective mother-in-law. As the wedding was approaching, her fiancé and her family spent more than 20 hours driving to her parents’ home in the mountains of Guizhou … Read more

Owner Desperately Seeks Help to Find Stolen Dogs: Angel and Diva

2023-07-13 18:15:00 Angel and Diva were torn from their owner, Debby Lodewyckx, when her home in Saint-Gilles-Waes was burgled last Tuesday. She then received a ransom demand from the burglars, who demanded 2,500 euros to free the dogs, reports HLN. If she usually takes them everywhere with her, Debby had to leave her dogs at … Read more

“RIBEF Scientists Discuss Ethnicity’s Impact on Medicines at Mandela Program: MESTIFAR and AEXCID”

2023-05-26 11:52:14 A dozen scientists from the Ibero-American Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics Network (RIBEF) from Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador and coordinated by Dr. Adrián Llerena, have met to show students of the Mandela Program the importance of ethnicity in the plans safety of medicines, their use and the development of personalized medicine strategies. The scientific community … Read more

“Astronauts Encounter Angels and Strange Phenomena in Space: Unveiling the Mysterious Space Mysteries”

2023-05-12 22:35:51 [Voice of Hope, May 12, 2023](compiled by Bai Yu) Dinosaurs have long been extinct on the earth, how could dinosaurs appear in the vast space? From the space station, you can actually see your childhood home… This wave of speech storms hits the human brain. What the former Soviet astronauts saw and heard … Read more

Watch… an armed confrontation between store owners and thieves in Pakistan… and an unexpected reaction from an injured thief

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip circulating on social media documented a firefight between the owners of a store in Pakistan and a gang that tried to rob it. The video clip showed that a number of people wearing a “head helmet” entered, robbed the store, and opened the money safe to steal it. Those present … Read more

“I don’t care about your why, but mine”

“I don’t care about your why, but mine.” Those are not your words, but the words of the one you want to invite to dinner. Actually, it’s not even his words. If they were, it would be good for you, because it would give you very valuable information: the information that the one who is … Read more

Henry Rojas in Miguel Ángel Russo’s coaching staff in Rosario Central | Colombians Abroad

Fate brought two Millionaire idols together again. Henry Rojas, who scored the title goal in 2017 against Santa Fe, will once again work with Miguel Ángel Russo. After playing the previous year with Pereira and Cortuluá, the ibaguereño came to Rosario Central to reinforce the coaching staff. The news is celebrated by Albiazules fans, who, … Read more