Peter Jackson not being in the series ‘The Rings of Power’ for this reason

El director Peter Jackson was key to the success of the film saga of ‘The lord of the rings‘. Now, with the prequel produced by Amazon, ‘The Rings of Power’ There are many who have put the focus on New Zealanders. And precisely Jackson He has revealed that those responsible for the project did contact him, despite the fact that he will not ultimately have any participation in the series.

Own Peter Jackson He explained the reasons in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “They asked me if I was interested about four or five years ago and I answered if they already had the scripts. I know how difficult it was to get the movie scripts and I didn’t know who was going to do it”, commented the director.

Those responsible for Amazon They replied that they still did not have them: “They told me that they had them, they would send them to me. I was waiting for them and they never arrived.” Ah ended the relationship between Peter Jackson and a series that threatens to break all records on the audiovisual platform. At least, the expectations it generates are very high.

Peter Jackson’s reaction and Amazon’s response

In any case, it does not seem that the New Zealand bears a particular grudge against the producers of ‘The Rings of Power’. In fact, the director himself has commented that he will maintain a “perfectly neutral” spectator attitude as soon as the series sees the light, something that is planned for the day September 2, 2022. Is very close.

For its part, Amazon has wanted to come out of this episode and has commented the following in a statement: “In our search for the rights for the series we were forced to keep it separate from the movies. We feel the utmost respect for Peter Jackson and the trilogy of ‘The lord of the rings’and we love that you want to see ‘The Rings of Power’.

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