The number of registered unemployed fell further in July in Switzerland –

The number of unemployed men and women, which had marked a 20-year low in June, contracted again in July in Switzerland. At the end of the month, there were 91,474 people registered as unemployed across the country, 1,037 less than a year earlier.

While the number of people registered with ORPs fell again last month, the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 2.0%, the State Secretariat for the Economy (Seco) wrote in a statement on Monday. Over one year, the number of unemployed fell by 36,805 people, a drop of 28.7%.

In the 50-63 age group, the number of people registered as unemployed fell by 969 people or 3.3% to 28,309 people. Over one year, there were 10,833 fewer unemployed people in this category.

>> The explanations of Boris Zürcher, head of the Labor Department at Seco, in the 12:30 p.m.:

Unemployment in Switzerland remains low at around 2% in July: interview with Boris Zürcher / Le 12h30 / 1 min. / today at 12:34

Slight rise in youth unemployment

Between June and July, youth unemployment increased slightly, by 331 people or 4.3% to a total of 8,089, but over one year the decrease is by a third, says Seco.

The number of vacant places fell by 3,738 in July to 68,004, of which 54,732 were subject to the notification requirement.

The Seco also provides partial unemployment statistics for the month of May. The use of reduced working hours fell by 19.1%, affecting only 5,552 people. The number of companies having used this mechanism followed the same trend, falling by 217 units or 18.4% to 960, to stand at 305,003 hours.

A total of 2,481 people exhausted their rights to unemployment insurance benefits in May 2022, says Seco.

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