Post from Wagner: Dear Ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel, | politics

Only 23 percent of Germans want you back as chancellor. A year ago you were celebrated as a heroine of the free world. Today you are a non-person.

There is your Russia policy, there is Nord Stream II, there are the broken roads, there is climate policy. What kind of Germany have you left us?

You had such a beautiful mumbled voice. Children smile when mum whispers nice words in their ear as they fall asleep.

With all this burden – how do you live today? In a portrait worth reading, the author Alexander Osang describes your loneliness. You watch a lot of TV. “Babylon Berlin”, “The Crown”. Der Spiegel calls Angela Merkel a “queen in exile”. A queen who doesn’t apologize.

For an insane fee, Angela Merkel is now writing her memoirs. What is her fault that our world didn’t get better? I hope she writes about it.


Yours sincerely, Franz Joseph Wagner

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