“Premiums are paid almost daily with 225 euros initially and 300 euros secondly”

During the exchange, the minister notably returned to the pelet bonus indicating that its implementation will be done on “the model of the fuel oil check, the fuel oil bonus, with a request to be submitted at the level of the FPS Economy”. Thus, the premium can be requested either through the paper version or electronically because “this is where the processing is done the fastest”. Everyone will therefore have to introduce a delivery invoice whether it is carried out on a pallet by truck or in bulk in order to obtain the 250 € provided for.

During the interview, the Deputy Prime Minister also broached the subject of fuel oil checks for which approximately 650,000 requests have been made out of a million families. “We are processing almost 1,800 request files per day by the FPS Economy”, specifies Pierre-Yves Dermagne. “The premiums are paid almost daily with, I repeat, 225 euros initially and 300 euros secondly”.

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