PUBG is more shocking than anything. One of MiTH’s top players, Ezqelusia, has officially announced his retirement from the agency.

Friday 29 July B.E. 2022 3:37 hours 29 seconds Indochina time

It’s time to make the transition until it’s possible for the agency. MiTH Because a few hours ago, one of the top players in the industry. MiTH PUBG It’s been a long time since the founding of a team like Wasu.” Ezqelusia ” Surapakornniti Has issued a farewell announcement from the main players. MiTH PUBG official

It’s been more than 5 The year that players like Green Ezqelusia Join as a player for the affiliation. MiTH in team PUBG which, if counting the days when referred to as a player of the affiliation MiTH to the game CS:GO Go in too. Let me tell you that the total time period should be almost complete. 7 It’s been a year, with being in the affiliation MiTH Until saying that this agency is like your own second home would not be wrong.

and with the fact that he is one of the pioneering players since the game PUBG make Ezqelusia that is one of the group of players 4 In the legendary series called ” wall ” which consists of

  • MinORu
  • CigaretteS
  • TanX
  • Ezqelusia

Of course, many people have completely disappeared from the competition from the team. MiTH It’s all right Which is considered one of the things that are very unfortunate. And personally, the author thinks that the fan club MiTH Many people are likely to follow. MiTH PUBG to cheer Ezqelusia together not less And when I heard this news, there might be quite a few regrets.

However, there is no announcement from the Ezqelusia But nothing about leaving this time as a goodbye to hanging the mouse to enter the streamer line fully. Or is it a leave to join a new team? However, we have to see in the future what form it will come in. and give encouragement to the chosen path of Ezqelusia This time next

Finally, one of the interesting information from you. Surasak Winij or you Yoon MM who has been with the game industry for a long time, has come out to tell about the story and to congratulate the way Ezqelusia which, after reading the overall contents, there is a possibility that Ezqelusia have decided to move to become a member PUBG For other teams it may be possible as well.

MiTH PUBG Lineup

  • “Katanyu” DUCKMANZ ” Chinsorranan
  • Thanawat” ThanawatTH “Jantem”
  • weather pat ” Jacob ” Jantanet
  • Can” RougueNANZMY ” Kasetsoonthorn
  • Broad

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