“Pubs”, bars, karaoke, massage parlors, check the guidelines before opening on June 1

Ms. Ratchada Thanadirek, Deputy Government Spokesperson Posted a message via Facebook that Bangkok informs operators of entertainment venues “pub” Bar, karaoke, massage parlor Must carry out preventive measures to control COVID-19 before opening for service on June 1, 2022, which has the following steps:

for service places An establishment that resembles a service place, an entertainment place “pub” Bar, karaoke, massage parlor or other places with similar characteristics, set measures in 3 aspects as follows:
1. Environmental health (COVID Free Environment) is divided into hygiene and safety aspects such as cleaning the area. Drinks are not served in the same glass. no promotional activities The service recipients are checked to see that they are fully vaccinated. Measures for spacing between tables at least 1 meter (in case of playing in a band keep a distance of at least 5 meters between the table and the stage) and ventilation measures. To have good and adequate ventilation. In the case that the building is closed and has an air conditioning system Ventilation fans should be turned on at all times.
2. Measures for employees (COVID Free Personnel) must be fully vaccinated. including booster vaccine Screening for risks with the Thai Save Thai application, checking ATK every 7 days and when there are symptoms or risks
3. Measures for service users (COVID Free Customer) must show evidence of complete vaccination. including stimulation needle

Requesting cooperation from entertainment venues “pub” Bar, karaoke, massage parlor Strictly follow the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as prescribed by the CCC and the Bangkok Communicable Disease Committee. especially the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages no later than 24.00 hrs. Refrain from promotional activities for alcoholic beverages and emphasizing cooperation in service work that requires close contact with customers in wearing masks correctly For the safety of both service users and service providers and make it possible to control the spread of COVID-19 In this regard, the operating unit will continuously monitor all establishments to complete 100% within 1 week.

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