Putin’s Decree Amending the Human Rights Council Composition – Latest Updates and Analysis

2023-12-01 16:24:00

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree amending the composition of the Human Rights Council (HRC). Document published on the Kremlin website.

Putin expelled from the HRC lawyers Henry Reznik and Shota Gorgadze, Novaya Gazeta columnist Leonid Nikitinsky, head of the public organization “Peacekeeping Mission named after General Lebed” Alexander Mukomolov, economist Yevgeny Yasin, who died in September 2023, and chairman of the board of the public organization “Independent Expert -legal advice” to Mara Polyakov.

The HRC includes several people, including public figure Alexander Ionov. He is known for his denunciations of independent media: after his appeals, Meduza and The Bell were recognized as “foreign agents.”

The news is being updated

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