Ramadan in Tunisia: Some people can’t find food… and others throw meat and fruits in the “garbage”

While many Tunisians face difficulties in obtaining their daily food, due to the deterioration of purchasing power, high prices and the rate of inflation in the country, other Tunisians throw half of their food in the “garbage”.

In a recently published questionnaire on “consumption and shopping behaviors among Tunisians,” the Institute of Governmental Consumption announced a significant increase in food waste during the month of Ramadan, as it revealed a 66% increase in the wastage of cooked foods prepared for breakfast, as bread tops the list of wasted foods. At a rate of 46 percent, followed by fruits at a rate of 31.7 percent, while waste in sweets reached 20.2 percent, and meat at a rate of 19.2 percent.

It is very easy to notice the amount of food wasted on the public street, where garbage containers are filled with different types of food after disposal, and overwhelm other waste, as well as through social networking sites that spread pictures and manifestations of extravagance and extravagance in banquets.

During a survey by “Al-Arabiya.net” with a number of Tunisians, all the respondents admitted that they throw food in the garbage every day during the month of Ramadan, especially bread and cooked foods such as dough.

Tunisia annually generates about $35 million from wasting bread, while the country is facing a severe financial crisis and difficulties in paying its import bills.

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