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2023-11-07 19:03:01

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News in simple language

An average of 33 trucks carrying aid supplies from the Red Crescent rescue organization arrive in the Gaza Strip every day. The Gaza Strip lies between Israel and Egypt. A total of 569 aid deliveries have arrived in the Gaza Strip since the Rafah border crossing was opened on October 21st. According to the UN, the 2 million residents in the Gaza Strip need 100 aid deliveries every day.

The “Traffic Safety Board” carries out 23 million speed measurements on car drivers every year. The “Traffic Safety Board” is committed to traffic safety. 72 percent of car drivers in 30 km/h speed zones were too fast. The association is calling for a speed limit for places from the current 50 km/h to 30 km/h.

Today, Britain’s King Charles the Third made his first government statement as king in Parliament. Government leader Rishi Sunak is planning to raise the age limit for buying cigarettes. It is set to increase by one year a year from the current 18 years. At the beginning of his speech, Charles remembered his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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