Realme 11 Pro+ – Test in heavy games (PUBG, Genshin Impact, COD, etc)

2023-09-22 22:00:00

Recently launched in August 2023, the Realme 11 Pro + presents us with the Dimensity 7050 as its processor, with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage. Realme also brings us its display with a 6.7-inch AMOLED panel, Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. All this together with a 5000 mAh battery, to keep up with your entire routine.

The Realme 11 Pro + presents itself as a great intermediate cell phone, however, aimed at everyday life, for routine use. Not being linked to any type of activity related to games, thus making it impossible not to come here and be tested.

We will use the POCO X5 to serve as a comparison in tests, ok? Aiming for it to be the best competitor with practically the same cost-benefit.

It is worth mentioning that it is available on the market for an average price of R$2,400.00. Varying, of course, according to its other versions in relation to RAM memory and storage space.

Remember, in all games the graphics are set to MEDIUM.

Realme 11 Pro Plus in heavy games

Genshin Impact

Starting our tests, the one chosen this time was the famous Genshin Impact, which didn’t present the best performances but you can play smoothly, it seemed to be unable to support the animations, so most likely during the cutscenes you will notice some quick crashes, nothing that goes really affect the game but it’s still not what we’re looking for.

Featuring an average of 38 FPS with 92% stability and providing you with an autonomy of 08:10H. Staying a little ahead of its opponent who presented an average of 35 frames with 92% stability.

⚠️The village Wheels⚠️ no Genshin Impact.

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy had a not very satisfactory performance, not because it doesn’t run but because of the low stability resulting in stuttering.

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Our FPS was in the 30s on average with 37% stability, losing to its competitor who had an average of 43 FPS and 78% stability, the Realme provides a total of 8:15H of battery life, all this data was taken from more intense parts of the game, so perhaps when exploring the world you might end up not getting stuck.

⚠️The village Wheels⚠️.


Our list wouldn’t be complete without him, the father of battle royales. PUBG had a grotesque difference between the devices, remembering that GFX Tools was used to carry out the test. The Realme 11 Pro+ had an average of 85 FPS, with a stability of 75% with 14:55 hours of gameplay.

Compared to the X5 which averaged 60FPS, at 99% stability.

💎Village Competitive Wheel💎.

Mortal Kombat

And for those who enjoy and follow one of the biggest franchises of all time, we couldn’t leave this big name out, but after all, how did Mortal Kombat perform?

Despite its good graphics, it is a well-optimized game providing good performance, on the POCO having reached 60 FPS with 97% stability and providing a gameplay of approximately 11:50H.

✔️Village Smooth Wheel✔️ no Mortal Kombat.

Free Fire

This may not be the father of battle royales, but it gave people something to talk about. Garena’s biggest hit game was put to testing on the Realme 11 Pro +.

While on POCO X5 we had an average of 60 FPS with 100% stability, on Realme we also had an average of 60 FPS, at 100% stability and with an autonomy of 12:20H.

✔️Village Smooth Wheel✔️.


If you don’t want to know the history and just want to play FUT, we tested EFootball, also known as ”PES Mobile”.

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The game limits us to 60 FPS.

It also remained at 60 FPS with medium graphics, tolerating higher settings as the game itself limits it to that RATE so it will suit your liking.

Both Realme and POCO had the same performance in EFootball, reaching 60 FPS, 99% stability with a battery life of 18:15H. There are no doubts about Selo Roda Liso.

✔️The village Smooth Wheel✔️.


And as we said in the last video, we changed DIABLO Immortal and in its place the game you chose was Arena Breakout.

An Escape From Tarkov style game where you must collect as many resources as possible to sell and escape, because if you die you lose everything, including your weapons.

Well, after testing Arena Breakout, it had a Framerate of 40 FPS with 97% stability and an autonomy of 10:45H.

We don’t have an X5 test in Arena Breakout

⚠️Selo Roda⚠️


In Farlight 84 we had satisfactory results, although the frame rate was at the maximum that normally allows the framerate to reach 120 FPS, that was not what happened, we had a limitation in the game, thus making the performance be 60 FPS with 100% stability and an autonomy of 6:15H.

✔️Smooth Wheel Seal✔️

Call of Duty Mobile

Now with another one of the biggest franchises in the world, CODzin had a cool and, unfortunately, limited performance on the Realme 11 Pro+.

But be aware that if you lower the graphics to minimum it is possible to increase the frame rate, otherwise the game itself will not allow this increase.

As for performance, we had an average of 60 FPS, 100% stability with an autonomy of 11:35H. Staying ahead of the X5 with 59 FPS, 95% stability.

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✔️Smooth Wheel Seal✔️


For those who enjoy Fortnite, you can rest assured because it ran with a cool performance, the POCO X5 ran with a minimum FPS of 20 and an average FPS of 30.

On the Realme 11 Pro + we had superior results with a minimum FPS of 29, average FPS of 46.

The 29 FPS only occurs during faster renderings and does not have much of an impact on the game.

✔️Village Smooth Wheel✔️.

Asphalt 9

Finally a game on our list without shooting or fighting (but unfortunately it’s the last).

Asphalt 9 is for those who enjoy a race with beautiful graphics like this. The tests were carried out in standard graphics quality, but that still didn’t prevent good graphics.

Running at 60 FPS with 100% stability, allowing you to run 12 hours of insane races. On POCO we didn’t have such good results with 30FPS, at 98% stability.

✔️Village Smooth Wheel✔️.


After testing all games, we now have our temperature and battery test. We played an hour of Call of Duty in battle royal mode to see how much the device heats up and how much battery it loses. The Realme 11 Pro + went from 27° to 37°, in this case a heating of 10°, I didn’t think it was a big deal as there are games that heat it up much more. After an hour of gameplay with a total of 3 games we had an 11% drop in battery, in fact showing good autonomy.


Well, we had different results in different games, some with the POCO you intend to play to see what your best option is.

But overall the Realme 11 Pro + has the ⚠️Selo Roda⚠️.

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