Rescuers were killed in a second drone strike in Kharkov

As a result of Russian strikes on Kharkov on the night of Thursday, April 4, five civilians were killed. This follows from messages in Telegram by the mayor of the city Igor Terekhov and the head of the Kharkov regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov.

“We have four dead at the scene of the re-arrival in residential buildings in a densely populated area of ​​Kharkov. There are also five wounded,” Terekhov wrote. In another area of ​​the city, where the private sector was hit, according to preliminary data, another person died.

The mayor added that power outages are possible in some areas of Kharkov. All emergency and public services, as well as volunteers, work at the arrival sites.

Repeated strike and death of rescuers

Representatives of the Kharkov authorities indicate that Russia launched a second strike on the city while emergency services were working in the area of ​​the first attack. According to Terekhov, three rescuers who came to eliminate the consequences of shelling of residential buildings were killed. Also, during the repeated attack, one State Emergency Service employee was wounded and equipment was damaged.

The fourth victim, judging by the reports of Oleg Sinegubov, is a civilian woman. The head of the OVA reported that after the Russian attacks, three people were hospitalized in medical institutions, and one of the wounded is in serious condition.

On April 1, Igor Terekhov told the Ukrainian online publication that by that time Russia had destroyed almost the entire energy infrastructure of Kharkov.

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2024-04-06 20:34:22

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