Russia warns U.S. of ‘unforeseen consequences’ if weapons continue to be supplied to Ukraine

issuing time: 16/04/2022 – 22:27

The Washington Post reported Friday that Russia warned the United States of “unforeseen consequences” if Washington continued to supply Ukraine with weapons. According to Russia’s “Interfax” (Interfax) news, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed that Russia has sent diplomatic notes to the United States and other countries about the supply of weapons to Ukraine, but did not provide details of the content of the diplomatic notes.

“The Washington Post” mentioned that Russia said in a diplomatic note to the United States: “We call on the United States and its allies to stop the irresponsible militarization of Ukraine, which will have unforeseen consequences for regional and international security.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday that Russia may use nuclear weapons in desperation because of a setback in its invasion, echoing comments made by CIA Director Burns.

Asked about the threat of the Russian military’s use of nuclear weapons, Zelensky said the “world” should be concerned that Russia “starts talking about … nuclear weapons or some chemical weapons,” AFP reported.

“They could do it, I mean they could do it,” he told CNN. “People’s lives don’t matter to them … but let’s not be afraid, we’ll be ready.”

CIA Director Burns said yesterday that Russia’s setbacks on the battlefield raised the risk that Russian President Vladimir Putin could deploy tactical or low-yield nuclear weapons.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 came shortly after the Kremlin announced it had put Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces on high alert, though the United States said it had not seen any signs of unusual nuclear activity.

Russia’s military doctrine includes the principle of “war for peace,” that is, the launch of small nuclear weapons to regain dominance of the war.

Burns said U.S. President Joe Biden was deeply concerned “to avoid a third world war, to avoid entering the threshold of a possible nuclear conflict.”

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet flagship, the Moskva, was sunk by two Ukrainian missiles, a senior U.S. defense official said Friday, calling it a “serious blow” to Moscow.

The official, who asked not to be named, confirmed Kyiv’s claim, while Russia said it was the result of a bomb explosion on the Moscow ship.

“We assess that they hit it with two Neptunes,” the official said, referring to the Ukrainian anti-ship cruise missile. The senior U.S. Defense Department official said the missile strike is believed to have caused casualties, but it was “difficult to assess the number.” He also said the United States had observed survivors being rescued from the sea by other Russian ships. Russia said that the “Moscow” officers and soldiers were evacuated to a nearby ship.

“This is a symbolic blow,” the U.S. official said.

He pointed out that the “Moscow” is one of the three Russian “Slava-class cruisers”, and the loss of the “Moscow” will create a “combat breach” for the Russian Navy in Ukraine.

Following the attack on a Russian warship in the Black Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry has threatened to attack Kyiv with missiles in response to an alleged Ukrainian attack on Russian territory.

Russian authorities have accused Ukraine of threatening an intensified attack on the Ukrainian capital after airstrikes in Bryansk, in Russia, wounded seven people and damaged about 100 homes. Another local authority in Russia, close to Ukraine, also said yesterday that it had been shelled by Ukrainian troops.

Ukrainian officials have not confirmed the Russian targets, and the reports could not be independently verified.

Ukrainian police said Friday that after the withdrawal of Russian troops, they found more than 900 remains of civilians, mostly shot dead, in areas around the capital Kyiv, suggesting that many were “seriously executed.” The Associated Press reported that the death toll was double what Ukrainian authorities announced nearly two weeks ago.

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