Ryan and Razan died quickly.. Bacteria entered and reached the blood and lungs. This is what the latest investigations revealed

Ali Hashisho wrote in Al-Akhbar:

The forensic doctor, Afif Khafaja, confirms that the rapid death of the two children, Rayan and Razan Saleh, and their mother’s placement on a respirator in the intensive care unit due to severe poisoning, “is a rare case, as it affected all family members.”

Last Thursday, the two girls and their mother were rushed to Sidon Governmental Hospital, after they were poisoned. Little Rayan (3 years old) arrived at the hospital while breathing her last, and all attempts to help her by the emergency department nurses were unsuccessful, while the mother was admitted to the intensive care room, and the older sister, Razan, was transferred to Hammoud Hospital, because her condition was also critical. Razan withstood a few hours on a respirator after being injected with the serum, but her heart stopped on Thursday night and she died, while the mother struggles to survive while she is undergoing intensive treatment. Sources close to the family stated that the three patients had eaten the “omelet” dish, fearing that the used vegetables might contain a toxic substance or use a type of poisonous mushroom..

Dr. Afif Khafaja, who examined the two bodies, said, in contact with Al-Akhbar, that “the cause of the poisoning is still unknown, and the sensory examination did not show any external effects on the two bodies,” explaining that “the cause of the rapid death of the two children is the entry of bacteria, and their access to the blood.” And the lungs, so that all the traditional medical procedures, such as the respirator, serums, and injections, did not work to treat them».

And he talked about several causes of poisoning, “including food poisoning resulting from rotting or spoilage of food components such as bread, vegetables, or eggs, and their non-compliance with food safety conditions, including what is external such as rat poison transmitted by the rat to human food through a loan from it, and then a person comes.” To eat poisoned food.

The forensic doctor had advised the government hospital in Sidon to expand the examination of samples from the child Rayan, but Al-Akhbar learned that the hospital’s financial and administrative conditions prevented this, and that the laboratory contracting with the hospital does not have these tests. Al-Akhbar learned that the samples were sent to the laboratories of the capital, Beirut, and that it will take about five days for the results to be issued. At this time, the forensic doctor sent blood samples from the two girls to the central laboratory of the Ministry of Health to determine the cause and type of poisoning..

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