Scholz and Habeck: fuss about mask extra sausage on flight to Canada politics

Von: Jan W. Schäfer and Angelika Hellemann

Excitement about the trip to Canada by Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) and Robert Habeck (52, Greens)! On the flight across the Atlantic there was a mask extra sausage.

Chancellor and Economics Minister did not have to wear a mask on the government plane. The accompanying journalists were also allowed to fly without a mask.

︎ Current law in Germany still stipulates that masks are compulsory on flights within Germany and on flights that start or arrive in Germany!

In many other EU countries, however, the mask requirement in the air has long since been abolished.

Outrage at the extra sausage in social media and among politicians.

► The ex-chancellor candidate of the CDU, Armin Laschet (61), stated that members of the government and journalists should not ignore applicable laws. “It’s better to end non-European coercion and national solo efforts,” said Laschet.

However, unlike scheduled or charter flights, government aircraft are subject to a PCR test requirement.

︎ A government spokesman says about the mask swirl: “There is no mask requirement on Air Force flights. All participants of the trip must present a current negative PCR test before departure. This ensures a high level of protection.”

Means: Scholz, Habeck and the journalists had to do a PCR test a few hours before departure. And just before boarding the plane, another quick test. The flight was only possible with a negative result.

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