Shanghai closed the city… People crowded supermarkets overnight to buy “this instant noodle but no one bought it” reason exposed | International | CTWANT

The new crown epidemic in Shanghai, China continued to heat up. On the evening of the 27th, it urgently announced a diversion and closure of the city. From 5:00 a.m. on the 28th, Pudong, Punan and other districts were blocked, and the lockdown was lifted on April 1. The second batch was Puxi. Lockdown until April 5th. After the news came out, people panicked and went to the supermarket to buy, and even fought to grab the vegetables. It is worth noting that on the empty shelves, there is a row of instant noodles that no one buys at all. Netizens joked that it was “the last stubbornness of the people of Shanghai”.

People queuing up. (Photo / Retrieved from a friend on YouTube in China)

Shanghai announced the implementation of a strict city closure. Many people went out shopping overnight, and long queues of people could be seen on the roadside. The supermarket was even more crowded. Some people fought for food, and the scene was out of control. , the lively level is comparable to the Lunar New Year. However, with all kinds of food being swept away, no one bought the “Laotan Pickled Cabbage Beef Noodles”. What happened?

Almost no one buys Laotan Pickled Cabbage Beef Noodles.  (Picture / Taken from Backbone in Shanghai SH Weibo)
Almost no one buys Laotan Pickled Cabbage Beef Noodles. (Picture / Taken from Backbone in Shanghai SH Weibo)

The reason is that “CCTV” broadcasts the “3.15 Party” program, exposing the so-called “Laotan Craft” of “Laotan Pickled Cabbage”, which is actually the acquisition of “Sauerkraut Pickled Cabbage”, which is very messy and widely used. product. It is understood that “earth pit sauerkraut” is a product made by throwing withered, yellowing and other poor quality vegetable leaves directly into the earth pit dug on the ground, adding salt and water, and covering it with canvas and pickling it. , quite dirty and unsanitary.

After the incident was exposed, it sparked public boycotts, and netizens commented on seeing it, “I would rather starve than eat enough fermented taste”, “Sauerkraut made with your own feet, forget it”, but there were also many people who suggested: “It’s me Just know how to buy it, just don’t need the sauerkraut buns”, “Just leave the sauerkraut buns alone”, “Buy the sauerkraut and throw them away, the noodles are still delicious, when is the time”, “You can buy it and not eat the sauerkraut inside.”

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