Pedro Sánchez vindicates his Government’s “solidarity” response against the pandemic in the face of the cuts applied in the financial crisis | Spain

“Where were you when they confined us on March 14?” That was the question raised during the tribute ceremony for the fight against the coronavirus, held this Wednesday at the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute, four years after the appearance offered by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to announce the start of the … Read more

Double Shooting at Worcester State University Sparks Closure and Investigation

2023-10-28 11:56:23 Worcester State University will remain closed after a double shooting in a parking garage early Saturday morning. Two people were injured in the incident and were transported to UMass Medical Center according to Mass. State Police. Authorities say one person was taken into custody. Worcester Police’s investigation says the shooting happened during an … Read more

Rise in hepatitis cases in children: New studies provide insight

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. Usually, this rarely occurs – especially in the Global North – and runs smoothly with competent medical treatment. But last year there was a wave of children’s hepatitis, which caused many parents to worry. In July, the WHO announced that over 1,000 children had developed hepatitis. The “small pandemic” … Read more

How the pandemic disrupted disease control in Africa

The pandemic is also a success story in Africa According to the WHO Africa Director, successes like this deserve more attention: “Sometimes we focus too much on the negative effects of the pandemic. We learned a lot, built new capacities and expanded the reach of our health services.« The investments in the fight against Covid-19 … Read more

Coronavirus | China announces general relaxation of restrictions by COVID-19 | COVID Zero | Xi Jinping | WORLD

China announced on Wednesday a general relaxation of sanitary rules by the coronavirusabandoning the restrictive strategy against COVID-19 that generated a historic wave of protests throughout the country. The unrest over the covid zero policy of Chinawhich involves sudden lockdowns, continuous testing and quarantines even for uninfected people, led to demonstrations not seen since the … Read more

META QUEST 2: Update V44 improves video recording, parental controls and app locking

The latest update v44 of the Meta Quest adds a series of options on video recording, parental controls and application locking. On the side of recording and mirroring improvements, options can be enabled by going to experimental settings. Just click on “advanced camera settings”. A new window opens and options appear to choose the degree … Read more

[Frontline interviews]Guangxi Dongxing City closed for half a year: Can’t survive | Dongxing City, Guangxi | Epidemic | Control

[The Epoch Times, September 13, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Xiao Lusheng and Gu Xiaohua interviewed and reported)Dongxing City, GuangxiOn and off since February this yearlockdown, until now for more than half a year. However, on September 12, the city notified that,epidemicIt has not been completely eliminated, and strong measures will continue to be takenControl. The … Read more