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Shen Huihong posted on Facebook to restore the whole story of Ke Wenzhe’s poaching. (file photo)

2022/10/04 06:14

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[Reporter Cai Zhangsheng / Hsinchu Report]Shen Huihong, a candidate for the mayoral election of Hsinchu from the Democratic Progressive Party, posted on Facebook yesterday (3rd) evening, a detailed record of the conversation with Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe and Deputy Mayor Huang Shanshan at the Taipei Mayor’s Office in early January last year. He emphasized that he repeatedly rejected Ke Wenzhe’s poaching, and also told Ke Wenzhe, who wanted to push Gao Hongan to elect the mayor of Hsinchu, “Gao Hongan is a foreigner, and he has not been in the field for more than a year, so it is not suitable!”

Shen Huihong said that she had friendship with Huang Shanshan during her tenure in Taipei City Government. Huang invited to meet and said that Ke Wenzhe wanted to meet her. She is a person who has a long-term relationship and trusts her friends. The sister invited her, and of course she agreed to the appointment without asking any more questions. On the morning of Sunday, January 3, 2021, it was the last time she and Ke Wenzhe met. At the conference table in the mayor’s office on the 11th floor of the Taipei City Government that day, there were Ke Wenzhe, Huang Shanshan and her. Ke Wenzhe said in a teasing tone in Taiwanese, “Shen Huihong is a die-hard loyalist, and he has been digging several times without agreeing!”

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Then Ke opened her mouth to inquire about “the election of the mayor of Hsinchu”. She was stunned on the spot. It turned out that this was the official topic of the meeting. Ke Wenzhe asked, who is likely to be elected in Hsinchu City? At that time, there were election-related reports in the media. Last year, she had no idea or plan for the election at all, so what she told Ke was only what she learned from the news.

Ke Wenzhe revealed at the time that “the People’s Party should push Hong An up” and asked her what she thought. She told Ke, “Gao Hong’an is a foreigner. He hasn’t been in the field for more than a year, so it’s not suitable.”

Ke Wenzhe also asked her if she had any other plans after Lin Zhijian’s tenure expired. She said, “I am still a national civil servant. I have my own life plan and can be self-reliant.” Ke only said, “Think about your future.” Career-related topics don’t stop there.

Later, I talked about the municipal white paper. Regarding the development of the city in the next 20 years, the sharing should be TOD (mass transportation-oriented development) or EOD (ecological environment-oriented development). Shen Huihong told Ke that Hsinchu City will strengthen the development of mass transportation, which is also the goal she and Mayor Zhijian have worked hard for these years.

The three chatted, chatted, and drank tea for about an hour. Before leaving, Ke also gave her a new book “The Story of 2 Ye Kemo between Life and Death”, which was published at the end of December 2020. In March this year, Huang Shanshan went to the phone to invite her, but of course Shen Huihong declined.

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Shen Huihong said that she has been working and living in Hsinchu for more than 7 years and more than 2,000 days. She dared to say that she devoted herself wholeheartedly to this place. Because of the sense of responsibility on her shoulders and in her heart, she took time to return to her hometown to visit her mother, and she chose to hurry back and forth on the same day.

She decided to run for election at the end of May this year, because she still has a lot of things she wants to do for Hsinchu. Of course, the matter of “seeking an official” is non-existent. She, Shen Huihong, has an absolute sense of responsibility for her work.

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