Simple Vietnamese delicacies named in the ‘most attractive’ group

The famous Australian travel website has “named” Vietnam’s banh cuon one of the “Top 10 most attractive delicacies in the world”, encouraging visitors to try it.

If pho, bread, fried spring rolls or bun cha are gradually becoming dish If you are familiar with international tourists, banh cuon is still a “strange” name that is not known by many foreign food followers. And recently, the travel site Traveller famous Australian has suggested visitors should try to enjoy.

One of the most famous banh cuon in Vietnam can’t be missed Thanh Tri’s banh cuon in Hanoi.

According to the description, this simple dish looks simple at first glance, but requires the ingenuity of the cook. The dish is made mainly from rice flour, thinly coated on a cloth and steamed in a pot of water for a few minutes.

Once cooked, usually each cake will be wrapped in a filling with minced pork and wood ear, dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce with crispy fried onions.

Simple Vietnamese delicacies named in the most attractive group-2
Quang Ninh rolls are often served with Ha Long squid rolls.

Banh cuon is a delicious gift that has appeared for a long time, but passing through each region on the S-shaped strip of land, this dish has its own unique flavor.

If in Hanoi, the most famous is the traditional Thanh Tri roll cake. This is a thin rice paper with no filling inside. Diners will be served with cinnamon rolls, fried beans and fried onions. The dipping sauce if there is a little bit of Ca cuong essential oil, the more delicious it is. But in the land of Cao Bang, banh cuon is dipped with sweet bone broth with a little chopped herbs and no dried onions.

Coming to Ha Nam, the dish is varied but equally attractive. It’s still the usual soft, smooth white cake plate, but not with cinnamon rolls or spring rolls, but with charcoal grilled meat and served cold.

Stopping in the Central region, visitors cannot ignore the banh mi dish, which at first glance is quite similar to Thanh Tri’s banh cuon in Hanoi, often eaten with eel soup – a famous specialty of this land.

Simple Vietnamese delicacies named in the most attractive group-3
Laksa noodles in Malaysia are made with a characteristic sour and spicy flavor, once described by the late American chef Anthony Bourdain as “the breakfast of the gods”.

Besides Vietnamese rolls, Traveller They also suggest to visitors attractive dishes in many other regions such as grilled halibut (Spain), Laksa vermicelli (Malaysia), sushi (Japan), Ragu Napoletano pasta sauce (Italy) or elderberry. Tahdig (Iran).

According to Dan Tri

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