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Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders among the population. The reasons behind this alteration may be different, but there are different methods that help to deal with this disorder.

A proper night’s rest can significantly improve people’s health. Sleeping our body recovers the energy needed to carry out its activities, improves mood and prevents the risk of disease.

However, there are those who find it difficult to fall asleep quickly or find it difficult to sleep throughout the night, it is the well-known insomnia, a disorder that increases stress hormones, lowers defenses, generates fatigue, reduces alertness and accelerates the aging, making it difficult for the body to recover.

According to the prestigious Mayo Clinic, insomnia can be caused by stress, poor sleep habits, eating out of hours, or a traumatic event. It could also be associated with more serious health problems.

This alteration is quite common in the population and could be temporary or even last for several months. Likewise, it can occur in different degrees of intensity depending on each person.

In this sense, the Spanish clinic University of Navarra (CUN) explain what “this sleep disorder occurs in a third of the population (30%)being more frequent in the elderly, women and in people with psychiatric illnesses”.

It is worth mentioning that it is advisable to go to a specialist in case of frequent insomnia. The professional will analyze the situation of the affected patient to establish a diagnosis and initiate treatment, however, some changes in the daily routine help to control the problem in time. Here are some that will help you if you are in this situation:

Use of natural products for insomnia

Insomnia has unhealthy effects on a person’s daily life and well-being. In these cases, medicinal products of natural origin can be used to sleep. Knop Laboratories recommends Valupassa medicine formulated with medicinal plants, with relaxing, hypnotic and natural sedative properties that favor falling asleep, a deep and restful sleep.

The capsules of this product are indicated to combat nervous and psychosomatic disorders such as insomnia. It is made up of Valerian, Lupulus and Passiflora, plants known for their effectiveness and natural safety against insomnia. For adults and over 12 years.

Knop Laboratories

sleep hygiene

Proper sleep hygiene is essential to get a good rest. This concept refers to adopting healthy habits at bedtime, so that the body incorporates them into its biological clock.

In this sense, the Manual from Merck indicates that “these changes consist of establishing a regular sleep/wake schedule and doing activities to relax before bed (such as reading or taking a warm bath)”.

Also, it is essential to keep a room under the necessary conditions for sleeping, this includes: controlling light levels, having a comfortable mattress, leveling the sound and not using electronic devices before sleeping.

changes in diet

Generally, in patients suffering from insomnia, diet can be directly related to this sleep disorder. In this case, one option may be to opt for light meals during the night, to prevent discomfort that favors insomnia.

Likewise, people who suffer from this sleep disturbance must avoid consuming stimulant products hours before going to sleep, which can keep the body alert. Some of them are coffee, chocolate, alcohol, soft drinks, sweets or cigarettes.

Take a moment to relax

In such a busy society, it is difficult for people to rest properly, either due to the high workload or time-consuming housework. However, if you suffer from insomnia, taking a moment to relax can have a positive impact on your night’s rest.

According to the portal MedlinePlus, from the United States National Library of Medicine, there are different methods that can counteract this disorder before going to sleep. Simple actions, such as taking a hot shower, listening to relaxing music, reading a book, or meditating, can make a difference.

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