Small agriculture program will allow cherry growers and wine growers to develop irrigation projects – La Discusión 2024-04-22 01:00:49

The regional coordinator of Ñuble of the National Irrigation Commission (CNR), Jorge Muñoz, and the Seremi of Agriculture, Antonio Arriagada, disclosed the main details of the new competition for the Small Agriculture Program, which is framed in the new Irrigation Law.

This is a contest for small farmers and cooperatives, which in Ñuble has been enhanced with the survey of projects carried out by CNR professionals, which allowed 57 small farmers’ projects to be assigned, via lottery, to different consultants in the region.

“Thanks to the joint work between the CNR office and the Seremi of Agriculture, and based on regional prioritization, we managed to raise demand for irrigation projects from small cooperative farmers dedicated to important areas of Ñuble such as wine growing and cherry growing, so that through this contest they can achieve comprehensive irrigation projects that allow them to improve the quality of life,” said the CNR coordinator, Jorge Muñoz.

Furthermore, Muñoz explained that, “the new Irrigation Law increased the maximum limit for Small Agriculture projects from 400 to 1000 UF, which allows consultants to design projects that are fully functional to the needs of each farmer, and incorporate elements such as accumulators, clean energy, greenhouses or water troughs, among others”

The Seremi of Agriculture, Antonio Arriagada, indicated that “together with the CNR we wanted to prioritize cherry growers and wine growers given the relevance that these sectors have for small agriculture in Ñuble. “We must improve the living conditions of those who live in rural areas and irrigation is a central factor in this, for this reason we focus the resources of this contest on them.”

These projects will be developed in the communes of Quillón, Coelemu and in the Quinchamalí sector of Chillán and will benefit male and female farmers who are members of cooperatives such as Coovicen, Mocin and Coopelec, among others.

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