Sony’s PlayStation Plus Subscription Service: A Complete Breakdown and Comparison to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass

2023-06-18 04:10:38

Sony said that for the new PlayStation Plus subscription service, the number of subscriptions for the advanced plan far exceeds that of the basic and upgrade plans, and it chooses to provide game content at the end of the game sales life, which is completely different from Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass strategy of providing new games early.

existNew version of PlayStation Plus subscription serviceOne year into its rollout, Nick Maguire, Head of Subscriptions at Sony,expressMost players choose to subscribe to use the advanced plan, which far exceeds the number of users of the basic plan and the upgraded plan, and the global players use the subscription service to provide more than 1 billion hours of games.

Nick Maguire expressed satisfaction with such performance, and also emphasized that Sony’s game strategy is correct, that is, when first-party works or new games provided by partners are launched, they will not immediately become PlayStation Plus subscription services to provide games Instead, the new games will be sold through the PlayStation platform first, and will be provided through the PlayStation Plus subscription service when the game enters the end of its sales life, so as to attract more players to play.

Different from Microsoft’s approach of providing new games through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service at the first time, Sony believes that through the periodic content provision method, it will be able to attract different player groups, and it is also expected to increase the popularity of the game.

From Sony’s point of view, it is believed that Microsoft will use the Xbox Game Pass subscription service when new games are launched. In addition to benefiting itself, it will actually affect game content providers to have more opportunities to sell games, and may even make many games Difficult for players to fully play.

However, Microsoft believes that such an approach can give players greater choice, and also emphasizes that game providers can reach more gamer groups through the Xboxsx Game Pass subscription service, thereby creating more high-quality game works.

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