Square Enix will reportedly sell off some of its shares and focus more on the work of the Japanese development team

Analyst David Gibson reports that Square Enix will sell some of its developer stake. And there are plans to focus on pushing more results from the team in Japan after this.

He stated that the event that they sold Crystal Dynamics and Eidos studios into the hands of the Embracer Group was only the “first phase” of their plans. which in the next phase The company aims to mainly push domestic studios.

“They have to choose resources under limited conditions. Some studios will remain 100%, but others may have some changes.”

Gibson added

“Square Enix is ​​looking to sell its studio shares to others to increase the capacity of its local teams. I expect people interested in buying it include Sony, Tencent, Nexon, etc.”

previously Founder of the Eidos Montreal teamheard rumors that Sony is also interested in acquiring Square Enix’s Tokyo branch. So the latest information from Gibson sounds pretty plausible. Which will have to wait to see whether after this Sony will actually announce the acquisition of Square Enix shares or any business or not.

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