Star Rail’s Final Closed Beta Begins Worldwide

Honkai: Star Rail performancegameThe newest series from the creators of HoYoVerse.gameThe popular Genshin Impact is open to all players around the world including Thailand. Participated in registering for a test playgameThe last time in the Final Closed Beta Test before thegameIt will open for service by 2023.

After a short break, the Astral Express is about to begin another journey across the sea of ​​stars. Listen, the whistle of the train has come a long way. A new world, a new life, and a new story. looking forward to the visit of the pioneers Ready for a new “pioneering” journey? Sign up for the “Final Closed Beta Test” and join us in writing the next station story together. The warp is about to begin. May the pioneers please sit well 3, 2, 1… Next station!

Recommended specs:

  • PC: Intel® Core” i7/RAM 8GB/Discrete Video Card Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 or higher
  • Android: CPU model Snapdradon 855, Kirin 990, Dimensity 1000 or higher
  • iPhone: iPhoneXS, iPhoneXR and later models
  • iPad: iPad with CPU A12 or later (models released from October 2018 onwards)
    * iPad must be operating system. iOS 12 or above and MAC devices are not currently supported.

Supported specs:

  • PC: i5/8GB RAM, discrete graphics card or GTX 970 or better.
  • Android: CPU model Snapdradon 835, Dimensity 720, Kirin 810 or higher
  • iOS: iPhone model iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and above

The Final Closed Beta of Honkai: Star Rail will be open for registration on the webpage from now until February 2nd. Then wait for a response and follow up on the test schedule again later. Those interested can register for the final game test at >>Link

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