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“The longer you exercise, the better fat is burned and your fitness will improve,” we often hear these words when it comes to doing sports. But a recent American study concluded that this statement is “inaccurate”!

The study, published in the American Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, concluded that only 13 minutes of exercise per day is sufficient to improve physical fitness, noting that exercise For a longer period is considered a waste of time, if the primary goal is to improve fitness, as quoted by the German magazine “Freuden”.

The study came to this conclusion by conducting an experiment, in which the participants were divided into three groups, each of which had to do seven different types of exercises, three times a day for eight weeks.

But the first group had to do the exercises once a day (for a period of 13 minutes), while the second group did the same exercises twice a day, provided that the third group did the same exercises. repetition of exercises Five times a day (70 minutes).

In the end, “amazing” results appeared, as the tests showed that the fitness of the participants in the first group improved to the extent that the fitness of the individuals of the second and third groups, but with one difference: the muscle mass of the trainees for a longer period increased more.

The study concluded that exercising 13 minutes a day is sufficient if the goal is to improve physical fitness, but it indicated that those whose main goal is to build muscle can train more to get what they want!


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