Syria calls on the United Nations to shoulder its responsibilities in condemning Israeli attacks

Syria – The Syrian delegate to the United Nations, Qusay Al-Dahhak, called on the organization during a Security Council meeting at the request of Russia to shoulder its responsibilities and condemn the repeated Israeli attacks on Syrian territory.

Al-Dahhak confirmed during a Security Council meeting held at the request of Russia to discuss the Israeli aggression against the Iranian consulate in Damascus, that “the Iranian consulate building that was targeted is located in an area densely populated with civilians, and is a few meters away from the headquarters of foreign diplomatic missions and international organizations, including the World Food Programme, in addition to… A private hospital, colleges affiliated with the University of Damascus, and a number of banks and private companies.”

He added: “Thousands of civilians also cross this vital area every day as it is an essential artery for movement in the city, and a number of them have been seriously injured as a result of this terrorist aggression, which sets a dangerous precedent and a grave violation of international conventions and norms that guarantee the protection and immunity of diplomatic headquarters and their workers and the prohibition of any attacks on them.” “Including the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations, and the Convention to Prevent and Punish Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons, including Diplomatic Staff.”

Al-Dahhak considered that “the Israeli occupation authorities would not have carried out this aggression against a diplomatic headquarters protected under international law, and against other civilian objects, including airports, ports, and residential neighborhoods, had it not been for the blind American support that provided them, over decades, with an umbrella of care and impunity.” This enabled it to commit the most heinous atrocities, the latest of which is the crime of genocide and the brutal crimes that have been continuing against the Palestinian people for nearly six months.”

He added: “Syria holds the war criminals in the Israeli occupation government, and their partners in the American administration, fully responsible for these attacks and their consequences on regional and international peace and security, and demands that the United Nations assume its basic responsibilities in condemning the repeated Israeli attacks and move immediately to put an end to them, prevent their recurrence, and hold their perpetrators accountable.” And to ensure that they do not escape punishment.”

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, called on the UN Security Council to condemn the Israeli measures that violate Syria’s sovereignty and the immunity of diplomatic facilities.

It should be noted that, before yesterday, Monday, Israeli aircraft bombed the Iranian consulate building in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The consulate building also includes the residence of the Iranian ambassador to the Syrian Arab Republic, Hossein Akbari.

According to Iranian media, the consulate building was completely destroyed, and the attack resulted in the deaths of 13 people, including 7 Iranian military advisors and 6 Syrian citizens.

Source: “Al-Watan” newspaper

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2024-04-04 17:36:58

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