“Sometimes love is not enough”, the poignant story of a mother faced with the suicide of her daughter.

If I can help (…), it’s already a victory Thus in October 2022, “Sometimes love is not enough” is published by City Éditions. “It needed more than love, it needed care! That’s what I say in the book. I tell the problems encountered to highlight them, because Amandine’s story is the story of many families. … Read more

[영상] Chungbuk Public Relations Ambassador ‘Singer Bada’ appointed…Kim Yeong-hwan “Chungbuk without sea, embrace the sea”

(Video editing = Reporter Woo Han-na) [내외뉴스통신] Reporter Won Jong-seong On the 20th, Chungcheongbuk-do appointed ‘Bada’ (real name Choi Sung-hee), a broadcaster from the first-generation girl group SES, as an ambassador for the culture and arts field. singer sea. Photo = Chungbuk Provincial Office Singer Bada debuted as SES in 1997 and spent her prime, … Read more