Exciting Progress of Tigres in Leagues Cup Sparks Fan Frenzy, but Top Star Longs for Monterrey

2023-08-02 04:31:00 The passage of Tigres in the Leagues Cup, a competition that pits the clubs of the American Major League Soccer (MLS) against the teams of the Liga MX, excites their fans, since for now they have added two victories on North American soil and are installed in the round of the Round of … Read more

The celebration as an old man that Gignac dedicated to Miguel HerreraHalftime

Editorial Mediotiempo Monterrey, NL / 08.01.2023 21:33:27 After Miguel Herrera, former Tigres coach, will call the feline campus “old”mentioning as an example Andre Pierre Gignac for his 37 years, the bomboro dedicated his first goal to him in the Closing 2023. And it is that the Frenchman scored his goal 177 in Matchday 1 against … Read more

America sold Lainez to Europe very early: GignacMediotiempo

The big issue in Mexican soccer is the few players that are sold to Europe and Andre Pierre Gignacfront of tigersspoke about the poor training in Liga MX, giving the example of Diego Lainezwho considered that America sold it to the Old Continent without finishing forming it and for that he struggled at Betis. Dede … Read more

Gignac reveals the millionaire offers he rejected for TigresMediotiempo

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 04.08.2022 23:57:30 The French Andre Pierre Gignac dared to give some revealing statements on the program ‘From the Hill of the Chair‘, hosted by popular comedian Franco Escamillaand is that the star of tigers He announced the amounts that he has despised for staying in Mexico. Gignacwho arrived at the … Read more

Gignac and his goal against Veracruz, ‘a stain’; he asked FMF to delete it

Editorial Mediotiempo Monterrey, NL / 01.03.2022 00:35:30 Within the framework of the anniversary of the program The Last Word, the Tigres striker André-Pierre Gignacrecalled the embarrassing episode he starred in Veracruzwhen in the Opening 2019 He scored a goal against the Sharks, when the rival team was standing on the field in protest against the … Read more

Referee sends Gignac and Thauvin to comply with regulatory uniform

Marco Antonio Ortiz ordered the French forwards to take off some white socks that are not included in the Tigres uniform In the meeting between Tigres and Atlético de San Luis an unusual event was recorded, after the referee Marco Antonio Ortiz sent to the French André-Pierre Gignac and Florian Thauvin to change their socks … Read more