Tigres vs. Pachuca (1-0): Summary | Quarter finals

Los Quarter finals one way between tigers y Pachuca were left to duty, but the cats managed to take advantage thanks to Andre Pierre Gignacwho scored in the final stretch of a game that seemed sung to equalize goalless after 85 minutes without a shot on goal by the royals.

The first half left a lot to be desired, with only one shot on goal in total and many fouls, a cunning Hidalgo paintingwho opted to hit looking to despair the royals, who at times fell into his game.

Al 23’, Aviles Hurtado he was saved from the red card after a stomp on Jesus Anglean action that seemed expulsion, but only ended in a yellow card for the Colombian striker.

The set of the UANL He tried a prefabricated play at 40′, in a free kick that he took Sebastian Cordovabut it went wrong and Guido Pizarro ended up on the floor and Samir Caetano he fired a wide shot.

Al 46’, Israel Chief He could have scored the goal that opened the scoring, in a corner kick at the second post that he could not hit with his head after the ball bounced before him.

Al 51’, Fernando Hernandez charged a penalty in a controversial play, after the claims of the auriazul players for an alleged hand of Luis Chavez in the area, which he rectified after reviewing the play in the WAS.

Nahuel Guzman had a great save at 68′, when Aviles Hurtado Space was created in the area to shoot and he took a shot that the Argentine goalkeeper managed to take despite a deflection from Samir. Four minutes later she had to interfere again with a save at the attempted Kevin Alvarez.

After the Tuzos were encouraged to go to the front, they showed signs that they could look for the game, taking advantage of the exit of Jesus Angle by Edward the Thirdbut they appeared shortly after the two saves of the Paton Guzman.

At 85′ a penalty was scored after Guido Pizarro was brought down in the box when his leg was caught on Victor Guzmana dubious move that the whistler Fernando Hernandez did not check on the screen WAS nor did he repeat it when two local players entered the area before the collection of Dede.

Gignac did not waste the opportunity from the eleven paces and scored the winning goal for those led by Miguel Herreraalready the third best solo scorer in the history of the Leagues by overcoming Alberto Garcia Aspecon 29.

The game of Vuelta will be next Sunday, October 16 at the Hidalgo Stadium sharp at 9:06 p.m., where it will be defined who advances to the Semifinals.

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