Superfinanciera announced a Public Offer for the Acquisition of Cemex common shares

Laura Vita Mesa – [email protected] In a letter addressed to the president of the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC), Juan Pablo Córdoba, the Financial Superintendency reported … Read more

Supersociedades completed the results of the 10,000 most selling companies

Laura Neira Marciales – [email protected] The Superintendency of Companies presented the ‘Report of the following 9,000 largest companies in the country’, which they made with … Read more

Governor of Magdalena will make first adjustments in his cabinet

In the midst of the pandemic due to the coronavirus attack, the top officials of the Magdalena administration submitted massive and voluntary resignations from their … Read more

Store closure hits Falabella and reports millionaire losses in the second quarter

The severe blow of the pandemic was reflected in Falabella’s second quarter results. This is because the firm reported losses of $ 128,807 million, which … Read more

Decameron chain announced the reopening of three of its hotels under biosecurity measures

Carlos Gustavo Rodríguez Salcedo Hoteles Decameron announced that the hotels in Barú, Panaca and Galeón will open from next September and will operate under the … Read more

JP Morgan requested authorization from the Superfinancial to operate as a bank in Colombia

The regulator explained that it has already received the request. In addition, BTG Pactual, which operates as a trustee and commission agent, will do the … Read more

“Being locked in our houses during these moments represents a great gift”

More and more people are concerned about their mental health, and more in quarantine times, in which cases of anxiety, stress and depression have skyrocketed … Read more

The US currency reached $ 3,770 despite the rise in oil and fiscal stimuli in the United States

Despite starting the day down, this Monday, the dólar registered an average trading price of $ 3,770.24, which represented a slight increase of $ 0.57 … Read more

Buffett bought his own shares while selling others amid the market rally

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shares were left out of the stock market rally in the second quarter. Warren Buffett clearly thought the disconnect was unwarranted. The … Read more

“We offer liquidity for companies through the purchase of their real estate assets”

Heidy Monterrosa – [email protected] In order for companies in Colombia and Peru to have an immediate liquidity option in the midst of the covid-19 situation, … Read more