When the magic cloak falls – two-stage mechanism discovered with which the innate immune system can also detect viruses such as HIV at an early stage, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, press release

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has developed mechanisms to evade early detection by the innate immune system. A research association involving the Paul Ehrlich Institute has identified a mechanism with which the immune system is in principle also able to recognize HIV-1. Understanding this mechanism could be helpful for the development of AIDS vaccines. In … Read more

More than a drama! A man who has been married for 16 years, recently learned that the three children are not real children. and found his wife reacting painfully

Anyone would be shocked! For the story of Mr Chen, a 45-year-old man from Changrao, Jiangxi Province, who decided to file for divorce from his wife. After meeting his unfaithful wife and learning the fact that the three daughters he had been raising in good faith were other people’s children. until becoming a hot topic … Read more

Her parents were mysteriously killed, and she disappeared 42 years later. Wubao mother was shocked to find out that she was the “protagonist of an unsolved cult” | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

Holly, a 42-year-old American woman, was reunited with her grandmother and others on her father’s birthday. (Picture / Retrieved from Twitter) In the United States in 1980, there was an unsolved case of the murder and abandonment of a newlywed couple. Since the couple was already illegible when they were found, the police not only … Read more

Against Gießen without playmaker Jackson-Cartwright

April 12, 2022 at 5:00 am Basketball Bundesliga : Telekom Baskets against Gießen without Jackson-Cartwright Difficult situation for Baskets coach Tuomas Iisalo: Parker Jackson-Cartwright and Jeremy Morgan cannot play against Gießen. Photo: Jörn Wolter / wolterfoto.de Bonn The Telekom Baskets have to play Gießen without their playmaker Parker Jackson-Cartwright on Wednesday. Coach Tuomas Iisalo relies … Read more

3 months after birth, a male college student who was sold to find his biological parents was accused of destroying the family | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

As the saying goes, “the world is full of parents”, but this sentence may be discounted in modern times. A male college student in Hebei, China, was sold 3 months after he was born. His adoptive parents died unexpectedly when he was 4 years old. He began to live in a boarding school in the … Read more