DWS exchanges CEO after suspected greenwashing

Frankfurt Only a few hours after the raid due to “greenwashing” allegations and after a long supervisory board meeting, the Deutsche Bank fund subsidiary is separating DWS by her company boss Asoka Wöhrmann. At the end of the day of this year’s Annual General Meeting, Stefan Hoops will become the new CEO. DWS announced this … Read more

Claiming to have been like this with a Turkish man, Nikita Mirzani: It’s also delicious

GenPI.co – Nikita Mirzani spoke candidly about her experiences with Turkish men. This recognition was conveyed by Nikita Mirzani when he invited Ayu Ting Ting to YouTube Crazy Nikmir REAL, June 30, 2020. Initially, Ayu Ting Ting said that she really liked Turkish men. READ ALSO: Nikita Mirzani Reveals Hidden Desire, Oh It Turns out … Read more

More Intimate, Vicky Prasetyo Proves Strength in Front of Miyabi

GenPI.co – Presenter Vicky Prasetyo preparing to welcome the arrival of former adult film star Maria Ozawa alias Miyabi to Indonesia. He claimed to have contacted the woman from Japan. Vicky made sure Miyabi will come in the near future. READ ALSO: Raffi Ahmad Frankly Invites Miyabi to Do This, Wow! He will even try … Read more

DWS pays record salaries despite green washing allegations

DWS CEO Asoka Wöhrmann The DWS boss came under massive pressure last spring. (Photo: Archyde.com) Frankfurt If you only look at the salaries and the numbers, everything seems fine at DWS: CEO Asoka Wöhrmann alone received total remuneration of almost seven million euros for the past year – around 15 percent more than for 2020. … Read more

Equities may not have bottomed out yet

Dax board in the trading room of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange The Dax slipped into correction mode on Tuesday. (Photo: Marc-Steffen Unger for Handelsblatt) Frankfurt, New York Investors need strong nerves at the moment, because the volatility on the markets is higher than it has been for a long time due to the conflict with … Read more