35 Years of Dax: A Surprising History and Bright Future

2023-06-30 17:30:24 Trading room of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1988 The Dax is 35 years old: Germany’s leading index Dax celebrates its birthday on June 1st. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Shortly before its 35th birthday, the Dax gave itself and its investors a present. With 16,427 points on June 16, it marked a new all-time … Read more

Deutsche Bank: Delayed monsoon can impact inflation; expect FY24 CPI at 5.2 per cent: Deutsche Bank

2023-06-16 13:33:07 A German brokerage on Friday warned that with the delayed monsoon, there is no scope for complacency on inflation even though official data for May has shown a cool-off. Deutsche Bank said it expects the average Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) for FY24 to come to 5.2 per cent against the 5.1 per cent … Read more

Deutsche Bank’s embarrassingly hilarious PR glitch during Frankfurt’s cup final – A lesson in crisis management

2023-06-04 20:45:23 Well intentioned, but… Embarrassing PR glitch by Deutsche Bank! Eintracht’s stadium sponsor congratulated the Frankfurt final losers on their own Facebook page on their cup victory. Deutsche Bank Post Office Photo: Private Deutsche Bank posted a jubilant photo of Kamada and Lenz, writing: “You are our cup heroes! Craziness! Eintracht Frankfurt is the … Read more

“FOMO on the Stock Exchange: Psychological Effects and Dax’s Recent Rally” (or something similar depending on the focus of the website)

2023-05-22 15:45:00 Düsseldorf Psychological effects should not be underestimated on the stock exchange. A phenomenon that can be abbreviated to four letters seems to be playing a role: FOMO. The “fear of missing out” effect means many investors fear missing out on a stock rally. This is exactly what could help the Dax again this … Read more

“The Latest on Commercial Real Estate: Risks and Market Trends in Stockholm and Beyond”

2023-05-12 18:02:49 Construction site in Stockholm The Swedish real estate market is coming under pressure. (Foto: Bloomberg/Getty Images) Frankfurt/Stockholm Anyone who asks supervisors and bankers these days about the biggest risks to financial stability will often get one answer: commercial real estate. Rising interest rates are driving up financing costs, while at the same time the … Read more

“Bidenomics: The Impact on Global Economy and Trade Relations”

2023-05-05 07:30:00 Bidenomics The Biden program is putting pressure on other economic powerhouses. Joe Biden’s strategy is working: A few months after billion-dollar subsidy programs were approved, massive investments are flowing into the USA. The US President wants to push back China’s influence and secure his re-election. The allies in Europe, who are threatened with … Read more