President Dina Boluarte’s Authorization Request for APEP Summit and US Visit: Latest Updates and Agenda

2023-10-30 12:36:33 Last Thursday, President Dina Boluarte sent a letter to Congress requesting authorization to make a trip to the United States. According to the document, the head of state plans to participate in the inaugural summit of leaders of the Alliance of the Americas for Economic Prosperity (APEP), organized by the government of Joe … Read more

U.S. wraps up fiscal year with budget deficit near $1.7 trillion

2023-10-20 21:18:50 Janet Yellen, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, participates in a global infrastructure and investment forum in New York on Sept. 21, 2023. Pool | Via The federal government wound up its fiscal year in September with a deficit just shy of $1.7 trillion, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced Friday. Wrapping … Read more

Striking unions impacting the economy at a level not seen in decades

2023-09-18 22:33:19 The auto workers’ strike is the latest in a series of labor-management conflicts that economists say could start having significant growth impacts if they persist. So far, the United Auto Workers stoppage has impacted just a small portion of the workforce with limited implications for the broader economy. But it is part of … Read more

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s Visit to China: Strengthening Relations and Resolving Conflicts

2023-07-03 17:45:00 US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen He is scheduled to visit China on Thursday (July 6) for talks with top Chinese officials. In the latest attempt to resolve China-U.S. relations, that still has conflicts on many issues United States Department of the Treasury declaration that Mrs. Janet Yellen The Minister of Finance will travel … Read more

“US Committee Clears Path for Debt Deal: Latest News & Updates”

2023-05-31 05:23:00 Wednesday, May 31, 2023 With a slim majority US committee clears path for debt deal Will the deal between Republican Kevin McCarthy and the US President make it through Congress? (Foto: picture alliance / Jack Gruber-USA TODAY) The debt compromise between US President Joe Biden and House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has cleared … Read more

European stocks rise amid optimism about the US debt negotiations

2023-05-26 19:39:40 European stock indices rise at the close of trading today, with renewed optimism about the US debt ceiling negotiations, and the European market recording losses this week. European stocks rose with renewed negotiations on the US debt ceiling European stock indices rose at the close of trading today, Friday, in light of renewed … Read more

“US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says Potential Default Looms as Debt Ceiling Deadline Approaches”

2023-05-24 14:44:00 agencies Wednesday, May 24, 2023 05:44 PM US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Wednesday that the date for the potential US default on its financial obligations, if the debt ceiling is not raised, is still June 1. She added during an event organized by the Wall Street Journal that she would soon … Read more

“FOMO on the Stock Exchange: Psychological Effects and Dax’s Recent Rally” (or something similar depending on the focus of the website)

2023-05-22 15:45:00 Düsseldorf Psychological effects should not be underestimated on the stock exchange. A phenomenon that can be abbreviated to four letters seems to be playing a role: FOMO. The “fear of missing out” effect means many investors fear missing out on a stock rally. This is exactly what could help the Dax again this … Read more