Heat pump megatrend: These stocks are benefiting from the energy revolution

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Fear of a crash: Deutsche Bank warns of a shrinking economy money

Fear on the stock exchanges, prices are falling: “The German share index (Dax) fell by more than 2000 points in June alone, a historic negative record,” says market analyst Jochen Stanzl from CMC Markets. Investors have not experienced such a minus of eleven percent in a June month since the German benchmark index was launched … Read more

Dax continues to give way – but the US Federal Reserve and “Witches’ Sabbath” give hope for higher prices

Trading floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange The leading German index closed yesterday in the red. Prices recovered somewhat this Tuesday. (Photo: Image) Düsseldorf After four trading days in a row with significant losses, the situation on the German stock market calmed down at the start of trading. Of the Dax initially gained more than … Read more

Dax still in downtrend despite yesterday’s rally

Düsseldorf After jumping by more than 1000 points on yesterday’s trading day, investors on the German stock market are immediately taking profits again. Accordingly, the Dax was down 3.3 percent on Thursday afternoon and is trading at 13,385 points, around 460 points less. The Frankfurt benchmark was only seven points behind after trading yesterday Wednesday … Read more

Dax passes the 13,000 point mark

Düsseldorf The leading German index, the Dax, staged a brilliant relief rally on Wednesday: the most important German stock exchange barometer closed in Frankfurt at 1016 points or almost eight percent up at 13,848 points. It was also the high of the day. The last time there were similarly high price gains as on Wednesday … Read more

Dax remains in the plus – first hopes of bottoming out

Düsseldorf After two trading days with a sell-off mood, the situation on the German stock market calmed down somewhat on Tuesday. The Dax closed unchanged at 12,831 points in a more friendly market environment. In the meantime, the leading index went back above the 13,100 point mark. However, the Dax was unable to maintain its … Read more