Clarification Portrait of Ivan Gunawan, who immediately responds to Nikita Mirzani’s accusations from Dubai: Intention to help Mother Corla, whose life is difficult

No Ivan Gunawan recently been in the spotlight after being suspected of playing a witch doctor and wanting to harm him Nikita Mirzani. And recently, Igun immediately clarified and responded to Nikita Mirzani’s accusations that he and Maharani Kemala took advantage of Corla’s mother, who is currently being discussed. Ivan Gunawan responded that he really … Read more

Dinar Candy Gives Middle Finger, Nikita Mirzani: Is It For Me Or Who?

Thursday, 12 May 2022 – 03:31 WIB Nikita Mirzani and Dinar Candy. Photo: Instagram/dinar_candy, JAKARTA – DJ Dinar Candy uploaded a video of himself practicing boxing on Instagram. At the beginning of the video, Dinar Candy appears to show his middle finger. The video goes on to show him practicing boxing. The reason is … Read more

This is how we live lap by lap, the Miami GP

Verstappen won his third race of five in the 2022 season but remains second in the championship, 19 points behind Leclerc. LAST LAP: Verstappen held on to beat Leclerc and win Miami! Sainz completed the podium and Checo finished fourth. Russell edged out Hamilton, while the BOT, ALO, OCO and ALB also entered the points. … Read more

Claiming to have been like this with a Turkish man, Nikita Mirzani: It’s also delicious – Nikita Mirzani spoke candidly about her experiences with Turkish men. This recognition was conveyed by Nikita Mirzani when he invited Ayu Ting Ting to YouTube Crazy Nikmir REAL, June 30, 2020. Initially, Ayu Ting Ting said that she really liked Turkish men. READ ALSO: Nikita Mirzani Reveals Hidden Desire, Oh It Turns out … Read more

Paris Fashion Week 2022 Discusses Identity Theft, Nikita Mirzani: Because of Tacky Gangs

Friday, March 11, 2022 – 05:59 WIB Actress Nikita Mirzani in the Pesanggrahan area, South Jakarta, Monday (13/12). Photo: Firda Junita/JPNN, JAKARTA – Actress Nikita Mirzani commented after Paris Fashion Week 2022 released an official statement regarding the alleged identity theft. He was sad to see the behavior of brands that claim to appear … Read more