The Medicines Authority clarifies the validity period of medicines from the date of their opening.. Know the details

The Egyptian Medicines Authority issued the regulatory guide for MADAD Medication validity after opening it. explained Egyptian Medicines AuthorityDuring the guide, the shelf life of medicines after opening varies from one type to another, indicating that oral fluids, which are liquids that are taken orally, are 6 months from the date of opening. Shelf life … Read more

Bananas, potatoes, and heart medications… an official warning of drug interactions

08:30 p.m Tuesday, December 20, 2022 Books – Ahmed Gomaa: The Egyptian Medicines Authority said that sometimes food plays a role in inhibiting or accelerating the action of enzymes that receive the drug to convert it into an active substance, which affects the effectiveness of the drug depending on the type of effect on these … Read more

Including Voltaren, Provin and Cataflam.. A list of the new increase in

Books – Ahmed Gomaa: “Masrawy” monitored a list of a number of pharmaceutical items that witnessed an increase in their prices during the last period, after companies submitted requests to the Egyptian Medicines Authority to review their prices. The drug market in Egypt recently witnessed an increase in the prices of a number of items … Read more

Withdrawal of the circulator.. Drug Authority: Stop registering any product containing what

10:18 PM Tuesday 02 August 2022 (Masrawy): In its session on July 28, the Egyptian Medicines Authority decided not to accept new preparations containing Gemifloxacin (Gemifloxacin), a broad-spectrum antibiotic that kills bacteria, in oral dosage forms. The technical committee decided to stop the production of the registered preparations and give a period of 3 months … Read more

Warnings of 3 adulterated drugs on the market… and official publications to withdraw them

10:00 ص Monday 16 May 2022 Books – Ahmed Gomaa: Instructed the Egyptian Medicines Authority to seize and seize what is available in the local market and government units of the number of fake and counterfeit packages of 3 pharmaceutical preparations. According to circular No. 13 of 2022, obtained by Masrawy, the Medicines Authority demanded … Read more

Fraudulent and mismatched.. Warnings from 11 drugs on the market since the beginning of the year

03:30 ص Monday 18 April 2022 Books – Ahmed Gomaa: 11 publications issued by the Egyptian Medicines Authority since the beginning of this year, between fraudulent and counterfeit or not in conformity with specifications; Directed by the control and safeguarding of what is available in the local market, and government units of these types. According … Read more