Elephants vs. Lions: A Recap of the Fifth Game and Match Highlights

2023-08-04 11:44:00 The fifth game (Elephant 2:1 Lions) 5 on, The fourth game (Elephants 2:1 Lions) On 4 downs, Su Zhijie hit first base with a strike hit, Pan Jiekai walked, Chen Chongting sacrificed a strike to escort runners to second and third bases, Lin Zihao grounded an infielder, Su Zhijie was tagged out, and … Read more

Famous Elephants in History: Meet Surus, Kandula, Jumbo & More

2023-06-08 07:22:08 Some of the elephants are associated with world history itself. Surus who brought Hannibal from Africa to Europe, Kandula who helped King Dutugamunu unify Sri Lanka and many more. Let’s meet some of the famous elephants in history. ∙ The sadness of being a jumbo Jumbo is the most famous elephant internationally. Born … Read more

“Forest Department fails to catch drug-shooting elephant in Tamil Nadu’s Kambam region”

2023-05-28 18:51:00 #Forest Department’s move to set drug shooting failed Kambam (Tamil Nadu): During the mission to catch the rice plant that shook the Kampam region with drug shots, the rice plant went into the forest without being caught by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department. The horn was under the watchful eye of the Tamil … Read more

Mundi the Elephant Finds New Life at Elephant Refuge North America in Georgia

2023-05-14 01:26:00 “I am amazed, it is fantastic. It hasn’t been 24 hours and I’m beyond pleased.” These were the words of the founder of Elephant Aid International (EAI), Carol Buckley, who assured that Mundi has once again reconnected with his “elephanticity” at the Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA), his new home in Attapulgus, Georgia. … Read more

Revealing that Thai elephants are being used heavily after many ropes are deformed : PPTVHD36

Elephant Conservation and Environment Foundation It was revealed that elephants were found deformed from heavy use in the tourism industry. Dozens of ropes urge the state to take care of elephant welfare. While the Mae Taeng Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai Province, came out to protest, did not torture the animals. believe in slander, discretion, addicted … Read more