Central performs on the Gigante de Arroyito

Central will go for its first victory within the LPF. (Photograph: PaloyGol Archive) This Monday, on the Gigante Stadium in Arroyito, Rosario Central and Tigre will face one another at 9:15 p.m., as a part of the second day of the 2024 Skilled League. Underneath the course of Miguel Ángel Russo, the Canallas will search … Read more

‘Chocolate’ cars almost double sales of new units in Mexico

The number of autos ‘chocolate‘, which entered from smuggling a Mexicoalmost doubles the sale of new units nationwide, warned the Mexican Association of Car Dealers (AMDA). It reported that, between October 2021 and the first week of April 2024, two million 185 thousand 408 were legalized vehiclesthanks to a decree of regularization that promoted the … Read more

The Tragic Death of a Venezuelan Migrant in Extreme Climates – Colchane, Chile

2023-11-28 01:08:05 They believe it was due to a natural cause, due to the person’s age. Archive | The area has extreme climates, very hot during the day and cold at night. A 63-year-old man of Venezuelan origin was found dead on the border between Chile and Bolivia, near the northern town of Colchane, about … Read more

Discover the Untold Stories of Migrants on the Border: Clothing Collection and Assistance by Marco Antonio González

2023-09-25 00:20:21 Marco Antonio González used to fish in the Río Grande, on the border between Mexico and the United States, but with the arrival of hundreds of migrants daily he saw another way to make a living on the banks. “Once while fishing I found 100 dollars that came in a bag, I started … Read more

Summit between Putin and Kim Jong-un: What Was Discussed and the Western Concerns – Exploring the DMZ and Its Significance in the Korean Conflict

2023-09-18 06:41:31 LOOK: Summit between Putin and Kim Jong-un: what did they talk about and why does it concern the West? Lee, an authority from Tong-il chon, moved to this village in 1973. Twenty years had passed since the signing of the armistice that put an end to the bloody fighting of the Korean War … Read more

Record-Low Number of Unauthorized Border Crossings in June 2023: CBP Report

2023-07-19 07:28:21 LOS ANGELES – The number of detained migrants who entered the US without authorization last June plummeted to the lowest level since February 2021 with less than 100,000 foreigners processed, the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) said Tuesday. . Last month, US border agents apprehended 99,545 migrants at the southwest border, which … Read more

“Government Announces Immediate Measures to Address Southern Peru Migration Crisis”

2023-04-28 02:27:36 16:19 The head of the Ministerial Cabinet, Alberto Otárola, pointed out that the government will apply “immediate measures” to solve the migration problem as a result of the situation in the south of the country. “We are going to take immediate measures to guarantee the security and integrity of Peruvians with respect to … Read more

Arizona Takes a Dodger Stadium Win – AGP Sports

Los Angeles, California.- The Los Angeles Dodgers let go of the lead tonight and delivered a game to the Arizona Diamondbacks, by a 2-1 score. Mookie Betts put the home team ahead with a solo homer in the bottom of the seventh inning, but Kyle Lewis turned the game around when he found Evan Longoria … Read more