“Dollar Downward Trend and Oil Prices: Latest Updates on Markets and Economy”

2023-04-24 18:11:15 The dollar starts the week with a downward trend and closes below $4,500a figure that had not been seen for more than a week, since for five days the currency had shown a slight rebound, surpassing said barrier. The currency surprised again and closed at $4,482.06, which positioned it $41.58 below the Representative … Read more

“Health Reform Debate Continues in Congress: Updates on Cork Law and Its Future in Colombia”

2023-04-19 12:45:00 Health reform is still in the political pot. Despite the fact that yesterday it was expected that there would be white smoke in Congress, one of the star bills of the Gustavo Petro administration will continue to pass through the legislative offices of the VII Commission since the La U and Conservative parties … Read more

The CPI’s beat affects the prices of dining out, with hamburgers and bandeja paisa showing an 18% increase.

The cost of living in Colombia has increased lately, and food prices have played a significant role in this inflation. The prices of meals eaten outside the home have increased by 18.64% in the last year, with fast food prices rising by 20.82%. Traditional dishes like hamburger, bandeja paisa, and corrientazo are now much more … Read more

Departure of the President of Avianca and Legal Vice President of the country was on the agenda

The president of Avianca, Adrian Neuhauser, and the company’s legal vice president left the country this Friday. The airline reported that it is a previously scheduled trip and that businessmen will meet the requirements of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) virtually. The previous day, the SIC inspected Avianca’s offices in Bogotá to collect … Read more

Keralty and Colmédica are the entities that lead the prepaid medicine market

After the filing of the health reform before the Congress of the Republic and the changes it proposes in the system, the question arises as to what will happen to prepaid medicine and complementary plans in the country. According to figures from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), it is estimated that in Colombia … Read more

Dollar closed at $4,550.53, on average, with a drop of $81.11 against the TRM of the day

This Monday, The dollar closed at $4,550.53 on average, which meant a decrease of $81.11 compared to the Representative Market Rate, which for today was $4,631.64. The opening price recorded by the Set-FX platform is $4,570. The maximum value was $4,579 and the minimum was $4,520. More than US$876.4 million was traded through 1,363 transactions. … Read more

The dollar closed at $4,691 on average, with a drop of $57.23 against the current TRM

This Thursday, the dollar closed at $4,691.31 on average, which meant a drop of $57.23 compared to the Representative Market Rate, which for today is $4,748.54. The minimum of the day was $4,656, while the maximum reached $4,717.9. More than US$1,622.6 million were negotiated through 2,528 transactions. The US CPI data has an impact on … Read more

Businessman Gabriel Gilinski and Semana buy the newspaper El País de Cali

The Lloreda family closed a deal with Gabriel Gilinski, with which the businessman becomes the new owner of the traditional newspaper El País de Cali. The newspaper reported this through an official statement published on its own website, in which it reports that “Last Tuesday, January 10, the shareholders of El País reached an agreement … Read more