Goldman economist Jan Hatzius on Fed and ECB interest rates and the election of Donald Trump 2024-04-14 06:08:34

Jan Hatzius is chief economist at the investment bank Goldman Sachs. Bild: © 2017 Bloomberg Finance LP Jan Hatzius is chief economist at Goldman Sachs. In the interview he talks about stock market records in the economic downturn, the first interest rate cuts by the Fed and ECB – and the effects of the election … Read more

When “cheap” stocks halve again 2024-03-09 17:14:54

Mostly reliable, tasty and practical: cooking box from Hellofresh – but the stock has been weakening since the end of Corona Image: Hannah Aders Drama about Hello Fresh and Tesla, hope from the federal government: The Dax remains in record mood. WIf you come too late, you will not only be punished by life, but … Read more

BASF is cutting jobs again: the chemical company has to make further savings 2024-02-23 09:00:35

DThe chemical company BASF is launching another cost-saving program due to weak demand in Europe. The DAX group announced on Friday in Ludwigshafen when presenting the final annual figures for 2023 that additional costs of one billion euros should be saved annually at the Ludwigshafen site by 2026. It is urgently necessary to “take further … Read more

Commerzbank has never earned more than in 2023 2024-02-17 02:49:56

DCommerzbank achieved the best result in its company history in 2023. The bank, founded 154 years ago in Hamburg for merchants, earned 2.2 billion euros after taxes in 2023. Thanks to a profit in the fourth quarter of 395 (previous year’s quarter: 472) million euros, this is exactly as much as analysts had expected and … Read more

Porsche shares start trading at 84 euros at the IPO

Die shares of the sports car manufacturer Porsche started trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on Thursday morning at EUR 84. Immediately after the start of trading, they were already above the issue price of EUR 82.50. In early trading, however, the price fluctuated between these two values. The Stuttgart luxury car manufacturer was valued … Read more