Bolsonaro leads a large march and proclaims his innocence in the investigation for plotting a coup

Bolsonarism displays pride, muscle and support for the leader on the streets after a year of low profile. The former president of Brazil, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, 68, achieved this Sunday in São Paulo the massive event that he was looking for in response to the accusation that he plotted a coup d’état along with several … Read more

Navigating the Regional Challenges: The New Milei Government in Argentina

2023-11-26 22:32:04 LOOK: Governance, the great challenge for the new Milei government in Argentina But one thing is the electoral verbiage and another, very different, is the reality that the next head of the Casa Rosada will have to face, something that is already being seen in the formation of his cabinet. On the Brazilian … Read more

Controversy Surrounding Bolsonaro’s Jewelry: Uncovering the Truth, Bank Accounts, and New Detainees

2023-08-19 03:01:00 Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro denied this Friday that he had given orders to his aide-de-camp, Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid, to sell the jewelry he received as a gift during official trips as head of state. “I did not send anyone to sell anything,” Bolsonaro said in statements to the press and stressed … Read more

Bolsonaro would have obtained almost US$ 70,000 for the watches that Saudi Arabia gave to Brazil

2023-08-12 11:16:36 BRASILIA. Brazil’s federal police said Friday that former President Jair Bolsonaro made nearly $70,000 from the sale of two luxury watches he received as gifts from Saudi Arabia while in office, in another potential blow to the right-wing politician Hours earlier, police officers raided the homes and offices of several people allegedly involved … Read more

Bolsonaro gives testimony about the scandal surrounding Saudi jewelry gifted to his spouse.

The previous president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, appeared at the Federal Police headquarters for questioning in an investigation regarding jewelry and gifts given to him and his wife by the Saudi monarch during his time in office. The police closed off the street outside the building. One of the jewelry sets given to the first … Read more

“I’ll be back shortly”: Bolsonaro sends a notice to Brazil and incidentally describes Lula as a “bandit” | International

Journalists also asked Bolsonaro about the wave of left-wing governments in Latin America and he considered that “there is nothing good about it.” He said: “Look at Venezuela, the richest country in the world in oil sunk in poverty equivalent to that of Haiti.” The former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2023), announced this Saturday … Read more

Bolsonaro’s government tried to illegally enter jewelry valued at 3.2 million dollars | International

The government of the now former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro tried to illegally introduce jewels valued at 3.2 million dollars that Saudi Arabia had given to the then first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, in October 2021, reported this Friday the newspaper ‘O Estado de Sao Paulo’. The Saudi authorities presented Jair Bolsonaro and his wife Michelle … Read more

Marina Silva, Guardian of the Amazon Rainforest

Behind her sober appearance and her discreet personality, hides a 65-year-old woman with a dazzling trajectory. From illiteracy to militancy, to the Ministry of the Environment, Marina Silva has become an emblematic figure of the environmental struggle in Brazil. After four devastating years for the Amazon under the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro, the new Minister … Read more