We are the only force that supported Kirchnerism

2023-09-14 23:08:00 Before undertake the “Let’s go through Argentina” tour, Patricia Bullrich He presented his book “From one day to the next” at the UBA. The novelty of the presentation was in the first row of the university auditorium, where Mauricio Macri occupied the seat next to Bullrich (before being invited to go on stage) … Read more

“They should invent a president simulator”

2023-07-17 20:46:29 Vice President Cristina Kirchner shared a new act with the Minister of Economy and candidate for president for the ruling party, Sergio Massa, in the framework of the inauguration of a new flight simulator for the flag company. It was the third time that Cristina Kirchner accompanies Sergio Massa since the “unity candidacy” … Read more

🔴 LIVE | Elections 2023: the assembly of the Córdoba lists for National Deputies

2023-06-25 02:14:18 Today, at midnight, the deadline for the registration of candidacies for the presidential primaries that will take place next Sunday, August 13, expires. For several days, some already confirmed formulas have been known, even with pre-candidates for national deputies. In others, the doubt continues until these hours and it is expected that the … Read more

A judge asked Alberto Fernández to pardon Cristina Kirchner and Milagro Sala

2023-05-24 15:24:44 The president of the Oral Criminal and Correctional Court number 29 of the Federal Capital, Juan Ramos Padilla, asked President Alberto Fernández to pardon the vice president Cristina Kirchner and the leader of Tupac Amaru, Milagro Sala. On his Twitter account, the judge referred to the celebration of May 25 and wrote: “Tomorrow … Read more