[Thailand Boxoffice] Detective Poirot Marvin “A Haunting in Venice” wins the lonely championship.

2023-09-19 01:00:00 box office thailand Report on top-grossing movies for the weekend of September 14-17, 2023. – It has become another week where the atmosphere at the movie theater is a little lonely. Even though there is a full program of new movies, they still haven’t been able to attract many guests to come out … Read more

[리뷰] ‘Scion’, how did you come back to comedy?

2023-06-21 07:05:00 Born between a Korean and a Filipino, Marco (Kang Tae-joo) lives in the Philippines. He takes good care of his ailing mother even while taking part in boxing matches for money and overexerting his body. The irresponsible Korean father does not show up. Meanwhile, a lawyer who is said to have been sent … Read more

[기획] ‘The Little Mermaid’, a live-action film reflecting multicultural, racial, and ideological changes of the times

2023-06-01 09:05:00 fairy tales by hans christian andersen In , the youngest princess originally didn’t talk much. Unlike his five older sisters, he was always quiet and pensive. Because he cannot go out to sea until he is 15 years old, the Little Mermaid always envies her older sisters who have experienced the land world … Read more

[기획] Meet BTS Suga, who completed his solo album trilogy with 《D-DAY》

2023-04-27 09:05:00 How much do you know about BTS member Suga? Active consumers of K-pop or ‘Army’ will have their own image drawn with more than 100 self-composed songs and their own content that was poured out even before their debut. For those who are not particularly interested in K-pop and have heard of him … Read more

Korean action movie that has just been released on NETFLIX

The newest Korean film now available on Netflix promises to be a great plot to watch this week. The story revolves around Gil Boksoon (Jeon Do-yeon), a renowned assassin at work and a single mother of a teenage girl at home. Although these seem like impossible activities to reconcile, this is Boksoon’s double life, as … Read more

Watch the ‘White Noise’ novel and film side by side

Noah Baumbach’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel of the same name. is the result of faithfully following the original work. The film takes the same composition as the novel, which is divided into three parts, and brings not only the description of major events and scenes, but also a large part of the characters’ lines … Read more

[기획] ‘Girl of the 20th Century’ ② Kim Yoo-jung, “Glitter in school uniform again”

Scenario that caught my eye at first sight . When asked about the decisive reason for her decision to appear in her role, Kim Yoo-jung smiled brightly and said, “Actually, I want to wear a school uniform” and opened her first words. “She thought of her friends from school days a lot,” she said. Even … Read more

‘Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo’ Actor Kang Tae-oh, “Like a reliable tree that is always there”

He was always standing behind his back, but at some point he hurriedly approached me. Lee Jun-ho (Kang Tae-oh) was a team member supporting Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), but as he got closer to Young-woo, the distance between him and the viewer sharply narrowed. Jun-ho’s lines, who become lovers with Young-woo and seek a new … Read more