Torrential rain in Xiangxi, Hunan: Citizens unite to rescue each other on the streets

2023-06-30 13:51:00 Torrential rain in Xiangxi, Hunan: Citizens hold groups on the streets to rescue each other Haike News, CCTV News 2023-06-30 21:51:22 Citizens huddled together to rescue each other on the street, and netizens photographed the moment of landslide. May peace be upon you! On June 30, the urban area of ​​Baojing County and … Read more

“Jupiter’s Moons and Saturn’s Moons: Landslides and Tectonic Changes Revealed by NASA and University of Arizona Study”

2023-04-30 00:00:00 Surface view of Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. A topography that looks like a mountain collapsed by some strong force is observed. Provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) An analysis has emerged that landslides are occurring on the moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn, the largest planets in the solar system. The strong … Read more

Yaoundé landslide death toll rises to 15

AA / Yaoundé / Peter Kum The death toll from the landslide in Yaoundé, the Cameroonian capital, which occurred overnight from Sunday to Monday, increased on Tuesday to 15 dead, the government announced.The search carried out by the rescuers between Sunday and Tuesday, “made it possible to extract 15 bodies from the rubble”, underlined in … Read more

“Warning” in 18 provinces. Be careful of wild water flows and landslides. Wherever you are, hurry up to check.

Earth Operations Centerdisaster Department of Mineral Resources Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment inform “warn” Surveillance landslide and flowing wild water Between 11 – 12 Sept. 65 in the area of ​​18 provinces as follows Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang, Mae Hong Son, Tak, Phayao, Nan, Phrae, Uttaradit, Phitsanulok, Nakhon Sawan, Phetchabun, Loei, Chaiyaphum, … Read more

“Weather Forecast” warns CH8. Thailand encounters heavy to very heavy rain. In 1 more day, check the area of ​​landslides.

“Weather forecast” Announcement of the Meteorological Department “Heavy to very heavy rain” Thailand area, No. 8 dated August 22, 2022, the monsoon trough lies across the upper part of the North. and upper Laos into a low pressure cell in upper Myanmar In addition, the southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the … Read more

Today’s weather! Meteorological Department “weather forecast” north – northeast, heavy to very heavy rain

reportclimate daily August 12, 2022 from “meteorological department” specify “weather forecast“In the next 24 hours, the North and the Northeast haveheavy to very heavy rainIn some places, people in the area are asked to be careful of the dangers ofheavy to very heavy rain and accumulated rain that may causeflash floodandflowing wild water especially the … Read more

Police daringly rescue a woman from a car stuck in floods -Video Viral | Woman trapped inside car stuck in flood waters rescued by police officers

A video of a woman rescued by police from a car stuck in a flood in Arizona has gone viral. In the video shared by the Apache Junction Police Department, the car can be seen stuck in the strong flowing water. The standing of the car in the water is frightening. The policemen broke the … Read more