Ben Brereton Diaz to Boca Juniors: Potential Transfer and Key Signings for La Bombonera

2023-12-16 19:26:35 The Chilean striker Ben Brereton Diazplayer of the Spanish Villarreal records, has a high probability of arriving in 2024 at Boca Juniorsone of the big clubs in Argentina and South America. The reason? The La Roja player and former Blackburn Rovers scorer appears among the signings of the opposition list for the elections … Read more

Boca appealed the ruling that put more than 13,000 members under observation for the elections

2023-12-15 22:27:11 The club This afternoon Boca Juniors appealed the ruling that put more than 13,000 members under observation for the elections this sundayand whose regularity was questioned by the opposition list headed by Andrés Ibarra and Mauricio Macri. Is about a chapter of the comings and goings that generated the elections in Xeneize. The … Read more

The Controversial Appointment: Juan José Etala Takes over Parliamentary Battle for Working Day Reduction

2023-10-03 22:54:47 The Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) made the decision to change the person designated to fight the parliamentary battle against the reduction of the working day. After Página I12 said that Julio Cordero, a labor lawyer and employee of the Techint company, also works for Patricia Bullrich’s technical teams, they proceeded to appoint someone … Read more

“We are facing the worst government of all time”

The election year began and the former president Mauricio Macri who flirts with a possible candidacy made his first public appearance in sea ​​of ​​silverwith the excuse of the presentation of his latest book: “For what”From where launched harsh criticism of Kirchnerism: “We are facing the worst government of all time.” “I’m fine, calm, at … Read more

The exasperation of their own with Alberto Fernández and the blessings of Mauricio Macri for 2023

“Give me time until after Easter”, Alberto Fernandez told them. Some members of the Cabinet believed him and were enthusiastic, to the point of promoting a relaunch of the Government; one of them even played a bet: he assured his team that he was willing to leave if this time he was disappointed again. Others, … Read more

Mauricio Macri reappeared with a new look and supported labor practices in Buenos Aires schools

Mauricio Macri reappeared with a new look, with a multi-day beard, in a photo published by the Minister of Education of the City of Buenos Aires, Soledad Acuña, in your account Twitter. In a tweet, Acuña assured that he met with the former president to “talk about educational practices in work settings“. “We talk about … Read more